Prolactin levels and weight(question for the men)

Has anyone here noticed weight gain and difficulty trying to lose it as a result of raised prolactin levels? I am really struggling with the attempt to lose weight.

Isn’t raised prolactin a big deal?! Don’t they normally take you off your med and put you onto something else?

They talked about adding a small dose of abilify which is supposed to help reduce prolactin levels but then next blood test it had dropped slightly so that idea was quietly shelved.
My depot clinic says up to 330 mIU/l is normal for men,mine has ranged from 625-725.

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They say a small bit of abilify can lower prolactin , also some of the anti diabetic meds are used for this purpose . I think.

I’m not on heavy d2 blocking meds , so I don’t have this problem.

Usually difficulty in sexual climax , is a predictor of high prolactin. Don’t have that problem…but I haven’t done blood work since I came off a heavy d2 blocker

I almost always climax pretty late :frowning: and I havent been on Meds for about 18 months now. hmm

Well if your not on meds , then your problem , is more than likely not prolactin.

what about Libido and Quality ?..Are they affected by Prolactin levels?. For me both are pretty good.

Cool , sounds like your good so :slight_smile:

Man mine was exactly in this range , just on 1mg of risperidone. It doesn’t seem exceptionally high to me.

My prolactin levels are slightly higher than the norm, but I do not lose weight easily, I have been working hard at losing some weight through a low calorie diet and exercise (walking)

Straight up wonder if they are giving me Estrogen

The weight loss is so hard to tell with me due to the fluctuations. Wednesday morning it was reading 230.8 but 2 bad nights in a row and it goes to 233.4 and then 238.

Im going on the turn to dust diet.

I will be the lightest i’ve ever been.