Schizophrenics can be more successful because they're more focused

Those were the exact words a psychiatrist said to me early on in my diagnosis. I’m not sure how I feel about those words now.

Edit: it seemed true at the time, now seems impossible.

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Successful at what? Really, since when does perseveration count as focus? Sorry, it made me mad just reading that you were told that.

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I assumed he was talking about career. I had a successful career up until diagnosis, and was in fact doing better than normies. Maybe he thought I’d continue?

Lies, I tell you. Either that or a very liberal use of the word “can.”


I did better after the diagnosis. I kept jobs better. It took some time though since my skills were pretty low prediagnosis. I was diagnosed late term schizoaffective


I’m not in the business of fulfilling societies socially engineered expectations


(eyes you askance) what jobs did you have?

I am a peer support specialist right now and make 16$ an hour. I mainly worked in residential treatment and group homes for the past 10 years. I recently got my job and have been taking a break for the past 5 years studying and living on grants and loans with light work. This is the first full time job I have had in 5 years. Its kind of an interesting job because you “have to have a diagnosis to get this job.” They are on craigslist. Apply if you like.


thats all that psychiatrists know how to do label and stereotype and write on their little pads probabally says the same thing to the manic depressives


More focused than who?

One of my symptoms is disorganized thinking.

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you were focused on that reality so that you believed and seen it. then your focus was taken away by your lack of focus on success LOL!

If we can let our brain to focus on job, then we will do better.

Haahahhaahhahahahahahhaahaa i can’t believe you fell for that.

EDIT: Sorry that was inappropriate.

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I thought the title is “Schizophrenics can be more successful when they’re more focused”…


I live on a small island and I don’t think there has been one incident of a schizo do anything wrong on the local news ever since like I can remember. I think the stigma is less around me. the stigma I more or less got from a doctor one day was I was hospitalized for a month for severe anxiety “classified partially as sexual anxiety… if you can believe theres such a thing.”

and at the end of my visit after all the healing and me deciding to leave on my own even after they tried to discharge me weeks before she said. “I THINK YOUR EXADERATING A BIT”

I don’t know what to think other then it was pure stigma.

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i don’t believe that, every time i went to my p/doc i use to say my focus is not right but they never ever did anything about it, i just kept on saying the same thing about my focus, and i was let down, its a bit better now though on new meds.


I think people here are taking the title of this post a bit too literally. It doesn’t say schizophrenics can focus better or that they have better focus than ordinary people. It says that schizophrenics ARE more focused. Their minds are zeroing on what they are thinking. They are right there with their thoughts. Maybe it should read “schizophrenics are more AWARE of their thinking.”


No it’ s ‘because’ they’re more focused. That’s why I replied as I did. I just can’t manage to focus.[quote=“martinhersey1, post:17, topic:49270”]
"schizophrenics are more AWARE of their thinking.

No, I personally am never right there + never aware of what I’m thinking. I guess this hits a sore spot with me. Sorry.


Sounds like a feel good. It doesn’t seem to be reality for me though. I can’t focus at all.

I think SZ untreated can be an overload to the mind. I accomplished ALLOT before I was treated and I made 60k a year. I got a pay cut but that’s not too a bad I still get like a pension. I also have three patents and two other business that are mine, the Auto Shop, and my engineer work.

I have a engine that I have been under development, I look at it now and ask myself how did you do this without treatment meds
Its funny because I a had bunch of "WAG"s. so now when I see the engine a little different since being on meds. I see the engine a little better. But is a hugely complex machine.

I think there are some who has SZ may tap into something…
Im my case I was functioning well before the onset of the disease. I can do what I did better now that in on meds…