Problems with my eyes and relation to mental stat

I have enopthalamos and i wonder anyone have it , and i find it is extremely common for people with psychosis (as long as i see some faces /pic on the internet) , the eyeball is sucken in to the socket like this

so i wonder do anyone have this and it is also a symptom of silent sinus syndrome (yes i have sinusitis ) so it makes me more confromative to their relations,and this happens is during my psychotic periods( yes and i am not on any meds), and when i were on them i never found enopthalamos with my eyes but only without them this become more obvious, so i wonder what’s the relations? Maybe enopthalamos have something to do with psychosis ?
my eyes are like this:


it is sucken in ; ) , anyone have anyone view on these? you are welcome to share :wink: u could call me crazy as well

is there anyone else have their eyeballs retract too much like me ? i wonder why is that when i have my psychosis flying high

I don’t think I suffer from it. I’d get a referral to specialist and see what they say if your worried. Was this before you took meds or after?

not at meds , when i am on meds it dun happen

Both my grandparents, my mother, my sister and my brother all either had or have eyes like this. But none of them were/are diagnosed with psychotic disorders.

Almost everybody else in my family (without enopthalomos), does/did have all the other psychotic diagnoses, including sz, sza, and bipolar.

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