Anyone have squinting /starbismus?

i feel extremely hard to have proper eye contact with people . simply saying catching their gaze and throw back , i am not sure if it is the problem of my thought process (psychotic experience) or from my sinusitis , i have done a ct scan and i realized i had ethmoid sinusitis which located just besides the eyes, from which maybe the reason of my eye floater and tinnitis as well, i have always been thinking about the link between sinusitis and mental illness especially psychosis

I feel awkward around people. Like when I met my stepmom’s brother in law I kept having thoughts like “isn’t he cute. You’re gonna take him from his wife.” It was awful. I just wanted to get out of there. I was nervous the whole time.

#1 he wasn’t my type at all. #2 I’ve never been a home wrecker. If you’re married or have a girlfriend/fiancée as far as I’m concerned you’re off limits.


that’s just thoughts anyway , anyone may have thinking like this for maybe a few seconds, not a problem imo

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It was hours I was having these thoughts. It got to the point I avoided the guy. It was a family Xmas dinner or something. I was so embarrassed :flushed:

Idk if it’s a kind of thing related to your eye contact issue but the eye contact thing you posted made me think of it.

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i dun think that’s related to the eye contact but the thoughts inside , i think more contact are more useful to help get away with these thoughts

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when gently pushing my eyeballs outwards pressing gently, i feel there are some “ sands” or small “particles” that are being pushed outward with the direction of my fingers, i dun know why.

anyone else have done a ct scan /mri realizing that there are sinusitis , did it make you dificult to look into other’s eyes?
i have no problem in vision but difficultiy in throwing back “gaze” into others. simple saying catching their gaze and throw it is weird

It has nothing to do with gaze. Ppl with autism have difficulty is eye contact and socialization, they don’t necessarily have sinusitis. I had sinusitis from nose polyps and I had no issue in looking at ppl in the eyes.

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Its done and processed in the brain.

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