Problems with group therapy

I guess it helps, but no matter how weird some of the other people are I always feel like odd man out. I guess I should be grateful I am able to sit in a roomful of people and not emberass myself. But it’s the same old sinking feeling that everybody knows the games and is always one step ahead of me. How the heck did people get like that? I would actually admire that if it didn’t drive me batty.

I think people think it is all a big game and I am in on it. I think they are having fun and they think I am too. There was a super cute girl there. I liked her but at the same time I hated her. Every time I looked at her she was making cutesy faces and smug faces. I paid too much attention to her but boy was she cute. And she liked the attention she got when she made me mad, but it seemed like everybody was doing it. Frustration to the max. BUT… I made it to two different groups this week. That’s something isn’t it?


In a way, this forum is sort of a group therapy, ya?


Glad you made it to 2 meetings…

it will smooth out as you and they all get to know each other…

You used to tell me…

Don’t compare my first chapter to someone else’s middle chapter.

I’m glad things are going well for you and the move smoothed out.

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Go Nick go ! :smile: :wink:

Group therapies can be triggering because there is so much different people in there opening to each other - you should congratulate yourself - you did it just fine.

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Thanks @SurprisedJ and @Sarad. My sisters advice was to give the people there the benefit of the doubt because maybe they weren’t aware that what they were doing was bothering me.

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Yeah im pretty sure they didn’t know - how could they?
Anyway that was a BIG thing.
Actually when i recall those days when i went to a group during my hospitalization, God, it was just like you say. Everyone were smiling and laughing and chatting like it’s a damn coffee shop and we are all fine and happy…but then i thought, well maybe that is the point.

did you ask her out? what was she diagnosed with?

here in Ireland they have mental health clubs, i joined one for a month last year, i have too say , i found its just not for me, i stopped going.

I never really liked therapy.

was this a hearing voices therapy group…was it for talking about the experience of eharing voices?

No, just a general support group for people with different mental health issues. There actually were a couple of people who talked about voices but there were a couple of bi-polar people there too and people suffering from depression.

She was too young for me to ask out, she couldn’t have been more than 27 or 28. Plus she was out of my league. I don’t know what her diagnosis was. I doubt it was schizophrenia, she was very outgoing, confident, and animated.

Good point…

ive recently started going to a group therapy once a week, i dont talk about my illness to family or friend as i havent told anyone, so for me its good cos its people i can speak to irl about schiz etc.
problem i have with the group i go to is the gap between our level is quite big.
i got a really cute girl in my group as well, we vibe off each other pretty well, found out she lives quite close to me.

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