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I got jumped on on another schizophrenia forum for saying i wasnt taking my meds. They treated me like pariah and belittled me.

I’m off meds because im doing better than i ever have before off meds in my life. Im getting out a little bit more. Im actually volunteering right now. I also have spent more time outside. Not much but more. I only started making changes about a month ago. I plan to goto school. I have some plans.

Anyway ive been coming to all sorts of schizophrenia forums for 6-7 years or so. I notice most people dont like the people that dont take their meds or go off but im trying to live my life without meds. Im really depressed as of right now because of what happened because i was on that forum for 5 years and many people knew me but then decided to turn against me suddenly. I considered everyone my friend and now no one will talk to me because I stated I was off my meds. I sat in my bathroom and cried over this. As these forums are my only support system. I dont have any close family in my area and no friends. So to think that my only support system is now probably gone and broken.

Hey, you wanna know something? Anyone who treats you like a pariah for getting off your meds and doing better…they can go die in a pit. Have no fear about that, don’t let those bozos get to you. They’re just jealous! Listen here, you are a kind, intelligent, wise woman, and anyone that doesn’t see that part of you…are not worth your time. So keep your head high! Be happy!


And ya know what else? You got all of us on THIS forum. Screw those other forums :smile:


Im not perfectly doing better but im a lot better. I attribute my doing better a bit to putting structure in my life. I still sit at home a lot because my lack of friends but im working on that too.

I just didnt expect to be jumped on for not taking meds at a forum where EVERYONE has known me for years. its like being outted by your whole town.

im devastated right now

Well, I couldn’t deny your experience with people on that other forum not liking you because you don’t take meds. But personally, when I see someone on here that stops taking their meds, it’s not a “liking”-“disliking” thing to me. I may think it’s a bad decision. It may irk me if they advise everybody else to stop taking meds. But it doesn’t make me dislike them.

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I have not been very active on this forum because of things going on in my life. Please don’t take it personally if I was one of those people.

im not sure whether these people like me or dislike me anymore but they treated me pretty bad. it came out of the blue to me. i actually thought they would be slightly more understanding and maybe ask “why” and we could have a reasonable discussion but they just threw it at me that I was gonna get worse and how its no surprise that I stopped meds and made very snide remarks regarding all that.

i wouldnt be so unhappy if i hadnt known them for so long and considered them friends. but i did.

i feel ya, girl. except I still take medicine because if I dont I get worse… but ya know…there are a lot of people who feel the same way. You just have to forge connections with them…permanent conections. Remember, we will be your support. I’m sure we all love you, I know sure as hell I love you though I don’t know you. I love everyone on this forum.


Honestly, if I don’t know someone, then I really don’t care what they do with their life. I just have no sympathy for someone struggling with symptoms because they just don’t like meds. I can deal with someone being ill if I know they’re trying, but I have little patience for those who refuse.

If I know someone, it really bothers me if they stop taking meds, particularly if I’ve seen the meds help them. I do what I can to try and get them back on the meds.

I have sympathy for all the non-med takers of this world struggling with this illness…I used to be one after all…well…as far as anti-psychotics goes anyway.

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I was non-compliant for decades. I was very ill as well and it was my fault.

If I could go back in time I’d slap myself in the face, tell myself to take the damn meds, and then stick a needle full of Consta in my ass.

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here have a picture to cheer you up hunni!

If you manage without meds that’s great. But keep in mind if you start getting ill again you have to start meds again at once. Don’t wait and see if it will pass. You will get so ill you can’t see you’re ill. And then it all starts over again.

I have meds, but they need to be adjusted from time to time. I have told my kids and husband to keep an eye out for symptoms.

i don’t take meds and people can get a bit wierd about it…but hey, i don’t care…that is there problem.
my shrink and clinical psychologist think it is amazing that i am still alive and that i have acheived things in this life.
do not worry what people ’ think ', if you are feeling better that is great.
meds do help lots and lots of people though, i have survived through having a good support person plus loads of other stuff…it is hard work not doing meds.
take care

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i plan to take my meds if things start to get bad again. i get so much flack from therapists and doctors and other people for not taking my meds.

anyway yea thank you all for your replies.

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If I could function without meds - I would be off of meds right now. I have been focusing on my physical health as well, and these meds do a number on my physical health. I have been at a pretty low dose of my antipsychotic Risperdal and I will try to go even lower - for health reasons. I don’t think I will go off of an antipsychotic completely, right now Risperdal is acting like a mood stabilizer. My doctor does not recommend me going off of my meds completely - she also said that my brain chemistry has gotten used to these meds- I do listen to my pdoc :smiley:

ugh I hated risperdal DX I keot lactating, it was horrible…

Dear Fear*
Everyone has the right to do what they want.
Im sorry you had to deal with that stuff! This is a support forum. Not everyone agrees with all decisions or points of view--but it doesnt matter. You are welcome here NO MATTER WHAT!
Bless you**