Probably gonna change therapists

Okay so my therapist thinks y’all are bad for me, he also thinks I don’t have schizophrenia I’ve been dignossed by two psychiatrists who both say I have schizophrenia, he also don’t listen all that well and directs the conversation however he wants and says my dad was a drug addict when he don’t know my dad! My dad, grandpa, and great uncle all have/had schizophrenia! Who is he to say all of that!


Woa. That sounds like a really bad therapist.


@everhopeful he is… I miss my old one


I agree. Finding a new therapist would be a good idea. I wouldn’t want someone like that gettin g my money.


Yeah, definitely get a new therapist. I’m sorry you’ve had this bad experience. Finding a good therapist is so much harder than it should be.

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Is your therapist a PhD or PsyD? My old one was and all she wanted to do was diagnosis and undiagnose me with stuff. My pdoc told me I needed to stop seeing her.

@Gamera I have no clue all I know is he seems crazier than me.

@LED thanks. Yeah it is.

@ninjastar thank you


Thanks yall, Yen’s guys make me feel like I’m doing the right thing by changing


it is hard to find a good therapist,
i think that you shuld talk with him about that and see what the ■■■■ he want from you,
maby his dad is a drug addict

@ola I don’t want a confrontation I just want my old therapist to see me again I hate this therapy at this point I just want to be at peace in my life

That sounds like a shitty therapist but dont lose hope you can definitely find something better

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