I can't tolerate my therapist anymore!

Can you imagine talking to a therapist every week for twenty five years? At best it’s just a friend to chat with about non important things. Who do they think they are that they can advise me? They have not suffered, or sought the answers I have. They are uneducated dweebs. I guess not everyone can do therapy with a Carl Jung.

I don’t know how I can go on faking it, I’ve been faking it for a quarter of a decade. I’ve always wanted to tell them to go to hell. I’ve had very few therapists who helped at all and they did it without words. I’ve had 50 therapists in all- no exaggerating. How can I open up to a stranger? And my voices call me pompous. When am I ever going to stop turning my back against myself? I’ve become self hateful for being a schizophrenic. He says, “I’m not him!” and he believes it. I need to get an account on the DID forum. My psychiatrist refuses to treat my dissociative disorder or acknowledge it at all. I feel like an evil man who everyone is mad at for not doing what they say. Force is not the answer. They are all in error. Certainly this can be understood? 25 years of therapy, talk, talk, talk, ad infinitum. It’s going nowhere.

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I quit therapy after a year. It was just a bloody waste of money and time. I think it’s only helpful if you have no one to talk to or if everyone is tired of listening to you.

I have a cousin who also has sz who has been seeing psychologists for decades weekly. No improvement as well, but she likes the support to have someone to complain to.

That being said my pdoc is also a psychotherapist and she also listens to me talking.

yea i didn’t see a therapist after getting out of the psych ward. it never helped much and it’s so expensive.

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I ghosted my therapist.
It was waste of time and money.

You must have paid a lot for so many years

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