New therapist for me

I went to a new therapist at the new clinic i’ve been going to. She was nice she asked a lot of questions about the voices. she asked me what was my treatment goals. I told her get the voices and anxiety under control. she had me explain why i don’t want to live with my parents.


Are you thinking about some sort of group home? Or shared/independent living?

It’s good that you trust her, since you said that she was nice. Keep up with her, you will see better as time goes by!

@tommiez , no my partner and i live with her parents which isn’t a perminant (spelling?) thing. I’ve been looking at apartments around where i live and my partner’s aunt and uncle want us to move in with them but the problem is with that we won’t be able to share a bed room. Anyway back to the therapist, we talked about what i do to ignore the voices which includes listening to music, reading sometimes when i can and writing in my journal.

I always assume everyone with schizophrenia like me is single, sorry for making the assumption!

I live in low supported accommodation and there funny about having people over more than 2 nights a week, so I guess you might be looking for your own place, it’s just financing that or some sort of social housing!

My therapist used to make me write pros/cons lists of anything new I was going to do, would this help?