Priobiotics can help cure, so eat more kraut


homemade saurekraut is some of the best stuff on earth for your gut. good bacteria in your intestinal trac can be very beneficial to your health in many ways

Nourishing Plot is written by a mom whose son has been delivered from
the effects of autism (asperger’s syndrome), ADHD, bipolar
disorder/manic depression, hypoglycemia and dyslexia through food.


you have reminded me to make another batch, i used the purple cabbage and a bit of ginger.
take care


I recently started eating bone broth and any probiotic food. If our gut is healthy there is less likely we will become sick including mental illness, i believe in this theory.


There is no cure for schizophrenia and when one is discovered I’m pretty damn sure it won’t be sauerkraut.


I am quite convinced that anything I say, you will find wrong, just because I said it.
and this statement is directed only to @Malvok


I used to have a big ceramic crock and we’d make kraut all the time, I never tried it with purple, but that sounds better, I love purple cabbage!

here’s a ‘how-to’ on making purple cabbage kraut, I’m going to do this today, work on my gut flora :slight_smile:


holy overdiagnosis batman!


I say this as I was caught up in the wave of ADHD diagnoses of the 90’s and fed a regular diet of amphetamines for seven years as a young child!


it’s true, my girlfriend is a nurse, she has a child with autism, she swears the probiotics in the diet makes a huge difference with her son


I am having a hard time accepting your title - “Priobotics can help cure, so eat more kraut”
There is no cure for schizophrenia - and surely probiotics are not going to cure schizophrenia, bipolar or any other serious disorder. It seems to me that you are purposefully veering others away from what does work, and has been scientifically proven to help control SZ symptoms - Meds.
If you are antipsychiatry or anti meds please stop attempting to steer others from taking their meds - just because medications are not for you, doesnt mean everyone else should follow your way of thinking.
Vitamins and nutrients - probiotics are not going to cure severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia - but I think you know this already


I agree. She’s been doing this for some time now.


I buy the expensive probiotics that have to be kept refrigerated so they don’t spoil. I use them to help with my diverticular disease. I also eat a lot of kraut, but was unaware that it was loaded with probiotics. None of the above has affected my need to continue with my head meds as prescribed. Going without probiotics for a couple of weeks leaves me feeling a bit icky with gut issues, but won’t cause my cheese to start sliding off my cracker. Going without head meds immediately starts me down the path to instability.

My own recommendation – based on personal experience – is that absolutely, yes, people should consider probiotics, but only IN ADDITION to their head meds. It is a fact that improving your overall physical health improves your mental health, so a healthy diet and good exercise regimen should be the goal of every person with SZ.



Results: Repeated-measures analysis of variance showed no significant differences in the PANSS total score between probiotic and placebo supplementation (F = 1.28, P = .25)