Healthy gut, healthy mind: The schizophrenia and digestion connection


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This is very interesting. We must eat more vegetables and fruit. And do 12 hours fasting during night


I’ve already began taking probiotics to clean up my gut. They found from the research that gut microbiome from schizophrenics was distinguishable from those without the illness. So, this suggests that use of probiotics could be effective.

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Guys several years ago I found this book on the internet…

[ Natasha Campbell-McBride - Gut and Psychology Syndrome_ Natural Treatment for Autism, ADD_ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression, Schizophrenia (2010, Medinform Publishing) - ]

And that book was not available to me. Couple of years or may be one year ago, I don’t remember, I purchased the physical book on Amazon India, it is revised edition, latest edition. I never read that book except supplement section.

All my life I had dysfunctional brain and during my adult life I had severe dysfunctional brain as my health condition in adult life got worse.

Yesterday I read the 2010 version of that book on computer which I got from libgen website.

And I immediately understood why I could read that book.

In past 10 months I used

  1. Lions Mane Mushroom

  2. Probiotics


  1. Curcumin

and all three gave me better health and better brain and I was in my adult life for the first time was able to read that book. Now I am 40 years old and next January 19th I will turn 41 and I realized that I will be starting new improved disease free life.

That book clearly explained to me that we have dysfunctional brains during our birth and after our birth due to damaged good bacteria and increased bad bacteria, fungi and viruses

and it is the use of boldfit probiotics available in amazon india brought me back.

I purchased almost 300 capsules and used them in 15 days and now I am no longer using antipsychotics.

In the recent past Haloperidol gave me Depression. I started using Resperidone 8 mg or 16 mg alternating time to time but Psychosis was too much to handle.

Because of lack of proper brain function I used all 300 or so capsules within 15 days and my cognition improved

and 8 mg Resperidone was enough and I was no longer having psychosis.

And recently I stopped taking medication and now I am normal. You know antipsychotics must not be stopped immediately as they have withdrawal symptoms and so once in few days I take a dose.

Can you believe it? I no longer need antipsychotics. I need antipsychotics only to avoid withdrawal symptoms and it means in few days I can stop antipsychotics completely.

And today is August 18th 2020 and yes I am no longer taking antipsychotics.

So brain dysfunction all my life was caused by not having too many good bacteria and having too many bad bacteria and all my life yes all my life I ate too much sugar

When I was a child I ate too much sugar so I was eating food that helps bad bacteria

and eating sugar and eating sweets happened all my life, yes birth to recent times.

During college days I used to drink seven pepsi and or coca-cola

and you can clearly see that now I have bacteria based dysfunctional brain and sugar caused dysfunctional brain too.

Now I don’t have Schizophrenia and I am eating salad / vegitables and vegitables have health supplements.

So I don’t have to worry that I don’t have money to buy health supplements.

All I need to buy is Boldfit Probiotics.

I am eating different vegetables in the morning, in the afternoon and at night too.

My ability is increasing.

After I used boldfit probiotics my psychosis was reduced to too low and now I no longer have psychosis.

I am cured. I simply no longer have Schizophrenia.


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Reading a book is difficult for me as I have a dysfunctional brain. My brain is severely dysfunctional. And when I was young even with a dysfunctional brain I was reading story books. Yesterday I read that book and understood why my health took a u turn, why I no longer have Schizophrenia.

I read that book with difficulty but I was able to read that book.

I no longer have Schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is caused by low amounts of good bacteria and by having too many bad bacteria, fungi and viruses in the digestive system.

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Regardless the observations included in the report,like most previous reports,the report ends with the following statement;
"If we are able to establish this,a new direction may be provided for the management of sz "

  • The schizophrenia symptoms become a result of digestive phenomenon by action of the second brain which represented in the bacteria of gut !

This is a new color of causal theories ,wherever the digestive functions took a share of causal factors Cake !

They said " the very interesting thing with sz and cognition is that its becoming more recognized as a CORE EFFECT "

  • This is correct and corresponding with the actual reality of the SZ ,regardless they do not determine who is the cause or the result
  • the cognitive change is gripping the end of the thread which ultimately lead to the beginning of the thread

in the sz,the change does not occur in anatomical structure like what is happens in all classical organic diseases,but it happen in the cognitive data

The fundamental change occurs in the content of the mental concepts ,which acquired by self-experiences and imprinted in a person’s memory ,and can be called and used in understanding the world of events,phenomena inside oneself or outside in the environmental world

Change occurs in the concept of mental symbols,thoughts,mental message,data,information or personal beliefs about the world of things or the cognitive signals, self-knowledge …etc
(the change has occurs ONLY in any personal attempt to using the self-knowledge to deal with the internal effects or the external stimuli )

There is no any classical organic disease creates a radical change in the self-knowledge content ,personal believes about the world of most things comparable to the changes introduced by sz’s pathogen

the main task that precedes any practical procedure,it is to make every effort to know all possible details about the essential nature of the change that take place in the cognitive material ,in a manner that matches what actually occurs at the level of the mental processes which precede the production of any mental response,behavioral or the emergence of any feeling

Australian ABC Science documentary about microbiome research. 30 minute clip.

Part 2 of the microbiome documentary. 30 minute clip.

leave studies to those who has given it thought…bro

We are agree that the sz condition is just a cognitive change process in the core effect.
Now we have going to deal with the difficult task ,it is the determination of the existential cause and the functional cause

About hundred years,all the experiments that were conducted on the sz, deal with it as if it were an autogenous in root origin for biological causes
the dominant idea in all researches,it assumes the occurrence of anatomical changes that causse the production of a main substance in the brain in an inappropriate amount ,which in turn causes a disorder in the mental functions whose natural activity depends on this substance

So,we ask now about the existence cause AND the functional cause of the sz
We have 2 different questions;
In the case if the sz is an organic disease in root origin
1- what are the abnormal chemical substance and the functional changes that occur in the biological nature and create the symptoms of the condition be called sz ?

2- in the case,if the sz is not an organic disease in root origin
The existence cause , must be an external cause ( is not a part from the genetic material)
So,what are the functional changes that the sz’s pathogen introduces in the basic nature of the human host nature and cause the diagnosed symptoms ?

In the research,they said
1-“if we can find out what dysfunctional,then we can figure out how to fix it "
2- " the trillions of microbes that we carry in the gut produce the vast bulk of the same neuro-transmitters that are used for regulation of the brain
3-” the hypothesis of the study is that gut microbes are a key factor in the psychological changes in the brain

As we see,they remain belief in physical cause (self-origin), because the trillions of microbes in the gut is considering a part from the human inherited nature ,specially the gut’s microbes produce the same transmitters (D,S, G…etc) ,therefore they are not an external factor for sz even if they do not located in the brain

While I say that ;
There is NO any physical cause (self-origin) located in anywhere in the human body structure AT ALL ,or organic genetic disease ,and there is no any abnormal chemical substance (transmitters) released in the brain ,and there is NO functional mechanisms directed by the Human Genes to producing the diagnosed symptoms ,

Because the existence cause of the sz condition is External cause,factor or pathogen that is not a part from the human body structure ,and it acts as a functional cause producing the changes (an alteration in the cognitive material) in the content of the mental concept of any knowledge process be treated mentally

By the way,genes operate under unified and integrated system ( Genome),so do the brain neurons throughout communication network,

While microbe acts alone (there is no collective participation between microbes to achieve a specific goal ),so how you can explain the mechanisms of producing a group of symptoms,specially each microbe does the same thing that trillions of microbes do (single microbe does what it does independently /isolated from the participation of other microbes )

When you said 'traditionally the Disease has been seen in the terms of Psychosis,Hallucinations,as well as the social factor of withdrawal …etc"

It is the repeated mistake like all current scientific researches !
1- you should distinguishing between the condition that you call it 'schizophrenia" and the result of effect which you call them the symptoms of schizophrenia
(the disease /symptom, the cause /result)

  • the term (schizophrenia) is just a name for a group of different symptoms with the exception of the things be called "hallucinations " because it is the pathogen itself for the condition that you call it "schizophrenia "
    -the hallucinations is not a part from the symptoms of the condition be called SZ ,and it is impossible to diagnosing the hallucination by any known method or tools !
    2-Please,do not use any term "disease / illness or even the disorder ) instead of using the the word "schizophrenia ",because your research is the method to prove the existence of the disease condition (if it is existed ) or not !
    -using the word “schizophrenia” ,it means you are talking about the symptoms (except the hallucinations)

3-You can using the term “disease” only in the case if you find out the pathogen and the mechanisms of effect which creating the symptoms and prove that by scientific experiment,so that all of us believe that sz is real actual disease !
4- Do not say what sz is before you have the final results of your scientific working ,wherever the content of results will tell us what is sz face to face !

That is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I am curious how long did you have schizophrenia. Are you sure you’re cured? Would love to hear me and best wishes!