Anyone who deleted FB/IG feels better after?

Thinking of deleting facebook, because i tend tp text stupid stuff to people when Im psychotic, I dont usually have anyone to text anyways


It´s the only way I can mantain contact with friends. Do you use whatsapp aswell?

I generally moderate myself on fb, mostly using messenger, and i only browse ig.

Ive taken steps back from my fb usage for sure because i found myself comparing my life to others way too much and feeling sorry for myself

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I don’t use any social apps I thought when delusional ppl would find me through them. I like being left alone. Peace of mind well sort of lol.

I am a lot happier after quitting Facebook over a year ago. I overshared and then regretted it and got deeply paranoid.

I only had 26 friends, but some of them were from the past and better left there. I just made a much needed breaking off, and feel much better for it.


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