President Trump Proposes The Building of More Mental Institutions In Response To Florida Shooting

There is a difference between short-term care wards, residential treatment facilities, and institutions. Institutions are meant for more long-term care, and historically have been awful places to live. Maybe it would be good if there was proper funding to make long-term institutions decent places with plentiful therapy and they stopped over-medicating patients into compliance. Then, they would be more like residential treatment facilities.


Nope nope nope. In my opinion, no evidence to support anything, I say if you want to buy a gun, MANDATORY PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION BY LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST.

Already have a gun? Require by law that he or she MUST BE EVALUATED IN SAME REGARD.

Own a gun illegally? Then we cannot do much about that; people will always find ways to get drugs, guns, illegal money, etc

I am open to more thoughts on this topic.


Many have been awful, but some were very nice.


I like the thought of having to take a written test, practical exam, and supervised hours on a range with a licensed professional in order to obtain a firearm. Similar to the process of getting a driver’s license.


I’d like to add that people abuse the system. Instead of going to jail, they get 5150’d. So scary, non mentally ill people end up being in the hospitals to avoid jail time. They need to fix that crap. I’m tired of being scared there. And they need to fix it so the mentally ill don’t go to prison because I feel like they’d get hurt or neglected there.

And don’t mix military with civilians. Military should have their own hospitals. I had a scary experience one time. Some dude wore his camo the whole time.


Exactly, I had ex-cons in the psyche ward where I was at, they kept threatening me passive-aggressively, whispering just loud enough that I could hear “We’ll get him when they leave.”.


Mental illness needs to be treated proactively, not reactively. We need more local clinics with an emphasis on preventing mental health crises.

Solely from a financial POV, this is a penny-wise-and dollar-foolish approach to treating mental health.


I don’t mind reopening mental institutions as long as they are modern places where the severely mentally ill can get help.


I think they need metal detectors at the entrance of the schools

Many people here aren’t from the U.S. … :slight_smile:


I have my concerns about this, as more mental institutions means more obvious stigma all over the place, especially when you ■■■■■■■ call them that. It puts a certain idea in people’s minds that we’re dangerous and should be locked away.

I read a good article talking about mental illness and trump.

“Mental health" is of course the Republican go-to phrase after a mass shooting. Attorney Jeff Sessions alluded to it on Thursday as well.

But people who actually study mass shootings often say that their perpetrators are hardly ever mentally ill.

And though Republicans have talked for years about “mental health” as a counter to calls for gun control, they’ve also supported cuts to mental health services


he should book himself in to one himself, thats what i think,

the guy is crazier than any of us and he basically runs America, he just sounds like an idiot now tbh

the old 'its not their fault (the nra) they just provide the means to kill en masse, its the people that use them (and it’s bc he accepted a bribe from them) it’s why he defends the nra!!!

i’m not saying the perp isn’t responsible but your government needs to take responsibility for it as well bc they basically gave them those guns :frowning:


In Alaska, guns are plentiful and psych wards are scarce. I got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago for wanting to buy a gun to shoot myself…here, I can buy a gun in one day…to get a bed on the psych ward, I had to wait 5 days. I don’t think it would hurt as many people to build more good psych wards as it would hurt as many people to make guns even easier to obtain.


This is definitely scary news.

I feel like I woke up in the Twilight Zone. :thinking:


I don’t get how Americans are so divided on gun control. There are many countries that show that strict laws do help a lot. But I guess they’re too scared to give up the ‘right’ of easy purchase of a gun. Mental wards won’t stop mass shootings. So school shootings will still be a thing in America for many years to come until they make strict laws in all states with mandatory classes and training sessions before you get certified to own a gun. And a mental evaluation too. Trump is doing everything backwards. Talks about taking a step forward yet acts by taking steps back. Idiot but whatever not my president lol.


From what I hear about the US it sounds like the mentally ill are constantly scapegoated by politicians to avoid the evaluation and handling of other factors.


This is a good thing imo. I remember being discharged from an AZ mental hospital three days after I entered. My psychosis was at its peak. I could have been imprisoned or died. If more mental hospitals were open they would have presumably kept me longer.

The following is the best argument I’ve heard against arming teachers.

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As a non-American I can’t get my head around it. Just ban guns FFS! It’s ridiculous.

The Cheeto is also dangerous with his unresearched and unthought tweet rampages.