Hey, any ideas? :)

One midterm down three to go. It was nerve-racking but not so bad.

Okay, I asked this earlier and am still looking for suggestions.

Does anyone have any interactive ideas that will teach people about sz?

I can’t think of any for the booth. :stuck_out_tongue:
If not then just say hi :smiley:

Take care guys!


I don’t know what you mean by “interactive”, but you might write a paper about the effect of isolation and solitude on sz’. Let them know about the need for schizophrenics to have social interaction and to be integrated into a community.

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Anderson Cooper did a story on sz in which he wore headphones with voices while trying to do various tasks. Is there a way you could have headphones with voices?
BTW, congrats on completing midterms, @Sharp! Wishing you great success! :heart:


I will ask my leader about that :slight_smile: . I think they did it in the past and just have to make sure it isn’t triggering for people.

Thank you! I have a Chemistry midterm up next. I’m bracing myself…


Here it is

Maybe just getting people to watch it could be interactive enough.

Another simulator:

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Interactive? I have an idea. Find a way to force there minds to preceive something that isn’t true using information the brain should have ignored. Leading them to a false conclusion. Then show how that can lead to more misinterpretions. Then throw in some hallucinations. Not sure how you can cause that. Lol I hope this help you find an idea

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It would be cool to have a virtual reality stimulator (not really affordable but it would get the job done :stuck_out_tongue:) or like everyone said above, have them listen to voices while trying to do tasks

I’m sure other people thought of this but had the better sense than to type it. Have samples of lsd on the table and start whispering at them and touching them while they’re peaking.

I know this seems in bad taste, but remember it’s for education! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Any time we have a project in school that’s like “present on whatever you want”'or come up with a project related to something I always do different elements related to sz and other psychotic disorders lol

I’m doing my project on health care in relation to poverty. And how they correlate.

I knew you were sharp, just reading your posts.
Good luck, but I’ll just say good skill that you have!

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