Presentation and risperidone

hi i’m a new user my name is antonino and i’m italian. from 15 to 16 i took risperidone. I read on askpatient that it can have quite adverse effects. who among you like me took it as a minor? before it for a few months I took xanax and then sertraline changing psychiatrist gave me risperidone. what side effects did you have? I haven’t been taking any medications for years now. I had so much sleepiness as the main effect of the drug plus depersonalization and demotivation.
Am I too new to write private messages? I am excited to be here in this exciting forum


All psychiatric meds can have annoying side effects. I take 4mg Risperdal, I was diagnosed at 21 y.o. Main side effects are sex drive reduction.
For me it was the best med because other meds gave me worse side effects like akathisia nausea/vomitting (Latuda), addiction and hypersexuality (Abilify), severe weight gain liver and blood lipids/cholesterol problems (Zyprexa).

Welcome to the forum btw You’ll like it for sure.

Hi welcome. I take sertraline and risperidone…and this other one to prevent the shaking from the risperidone. main side effect weight gain… there is the brain zaps when I don’t take it for awhile, my right hand twitches and I have little “tremors” when I don’t take it for awhile… sleep paralysis…

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I stopped taking it for 3 days and I had brain contractions/cramps, severe headache. But I think its the same if you suddenly stop any antipsychotic.

I have tried to come off it by just stopping… that’s when I get the tremors, brain zaps… the sleep paralysis and twitching… racing thoughts too… the audio hallucinations… though those are there even if I take it just not as loud and less frequent… i have gone a few weeks without weird effects so i think I’m getting better then all the stuff come back… I am working on coming off of them in a safer way now though… lowering dosage not just stopping and reading the bible and praying.

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Just don’t do it without telling your psychiatrist.
In my case I told my psychiatrist and it was a disaster, I nearly killed my brother and myself.

Oh I am sorry … how are you now?

Oh on meds I am much better, 90% less positive symptoms. I still can’t watch horror and blood shows though. I have severe negative and mild cognitive symptoms. I guess that’s better than having life threatening positive symptoms.

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Noir is black in french. Here in Quebec main language is french. Second language is english. I speak both.

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I can’t watch horror either but that’s because of Freddy Kruger and that movie with the cats that turned into humans when I was a kid…

I am glad you are doing better. I too feel a little better since my last episode.

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Yeah it should be Luna Noir … black moon… I just switched it around

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I was using Duolingo to learn French. But I stopped …Maybe I will pick it up again.

Maybe u could discuss with ur pdoc about change to another meds if there are too many unwanted side effects or u feel they are not working well.

hi thanks for the welcome!
how can I send messages to the user if it is possible?
As for medicines and all substances in general, have you ever wondered why each of us has so many different positive and side effects?