I might be homeless soon

My mom and her fiance (my landlord) who I both live with had a major fight this morning. It first started about them but it quickly went into how I don’t work and I don’t do enough around the house. He has anger issues and was raging this morning. I’m scared he’s going to kick me out and I’ll be homeless. How can I find a room to rent when all landlords require proof of employment and I don’t work so I can’t provide that. I feel stuck and trapped. I might be on the streets soon.

Do you have a contract with your landlord? Does it offer some protection?

Dude, I just bought a house with a mortgage and I haven’t worked in 10 years.

Some places will rent to you if you have good credit. What does your credit look like? Do you have any income?

@Jonathan2 I have no contract with him. Our deal is only based of our words to each other. I’m paying 450 a month in rent. It’s cheap and with my welfare I can pay it


@anon99082702 - I haven’t checked my credit but I’m 95% sure it’s bad. I have no income either.

I get paid 730 in welfare money but I have no job.

Why aren’t you in disability if you don’t work?

Doctor says I don’t qualify for disability

Find a new doctor

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Welfare benefits is income, at least in the states.

Some people with mental illness can work. I can’t work but I wish I could. Anyway if you live in the states you may have Squatters Rights.

A squatter’s right is a legal allowance to use the property of another in the absence of an attempt by the owner to force eviction. This right may eventually be converted to title to the property over time by Adverse Possession, if recognized by state law.

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I’m in Canada @Loke

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maybe their is housing assistance you could look into


Are you able to work? That might help you. I don’t know the laws in Canada.

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Have they ever fought before? Sometimes couples fight then work things out. Maybe they will talk things through and you’ll be fine.


Oh yeah @TheCanuk I never thought about that. Housing Assistance. Income based housing or Habitat for Humanity. I know that HFH is an international organization so they should be in Canada. There’s a waiting list for HFH though.

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Thanks for the opinions/advice guys


Hey dude. I am sorry you’re dealing with this again. Did you get on the waitlist for public housing yet? The waitlist is usually a few years long, so I suggest doing it now if you haven’t yet.

Squatter’s rights are a thing in Canada also, and they usually offer protection for 30 days. But if you invoke them, your stepdad might take the process of a legal eviction, which will make it much harder to get a place of your own in the future. In many places, there is a freeze on evictions because of covid, so look into your local housing laws. Because you have been getting mail there for over 30 days, you have squatter’s rights. It does not matter that you have no legal contract. You have proof of residency if you have a bank account that has your address on file, a driver’s license/ID with the address, or mail dated from 30 days previously postmarked to that address.


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