Preconceived judgment

I used to hate black people because I had something preconceived about them. Like I wouldn’t play basketball because I felt threatened by them.

I avoided my neighbor because I knew he sold pot.

I had a general overall distrust for everybody that is what it grew into.

It lasted way longer and did much social damage.

I call these holes. I fall in one from time to time. And it can take a long time to climb out of one.

A person develops a negative View which they hold for a long time.

I’m saying stop. All that stuff in the past that happened to you. It’s time to let it go and move on.

It’s harming you. You can’t even go out because of it. Release it. Encounter people with your newly, wiser, vigilant mind. You will never get hurt again.


I think the main thing I hated about man is that we’re fallible and mortal. Damn it, I just start to like someone, and then realize they’re only human. I want us to be gods. I lose.

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@lesterwaynedobo You know those are words of wisdom- thank you. I was just discussing the topic with my therapist of me not trusting others to the point where I am not socializing much. Its about time I join this support group and expand my horizons socially. Afraid or not, here I go


Dive into it Wave. I got therapy soon too! Make sure you got a list and not having to have to recall from memory. You don’t want to forget anything when you are settling your issues with your therapist!

Im seeing a therapist @lesterwaynedobo I kind of think I am ready for this support group now, hopefully I will muster up the courage to go

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I think I’ve been climbing out of my hole. It took some help, but once I let go of some of my past it became easier.

What really hit me was… Strangers… true strangers have never hurt me or upset me nearly as much as some family and “friends”.

As soon as I let go of my fear of people I didn’t know and quit automatically assuming I’d be hurt by them, I gave interaction a chance. The more positive encounters I had, the more the fear and distrust faded.

I have to judge people individually on what they physically do, not what I think they might do.

I am climbing out of my hole.


@lesterwaynedobo there are a lot of people where I live who have the same “holes” you used to. Only they don’t see them as holes. They see them as defensible opinions.
In other words, just so you know, your desire to grow has set you above an entire town.