Pre diabetes

I have got the blood test. Mine has been very good in the past but it has passed the normal range this time. What can i do?

My understanding is that if treated promptly and by making some changes in your life, that you can stop the pre-diabetes from progressing into diabetes

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I request u to try some physical exercise early in the morning…!!! :alien:

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Blood tests just routine. If they suspect diabetes the next stage is the glucose tolerance test. Something like 3 draws of blood over 2- 3 hrs. Can’t go anywhere and you get to drink a wonderful sugary drink at like 8am in the morning whoo hoo.

I agree with @77nick77 cut out the worst of the sugary drinks and foods. It will help a great deal.

diet - if you are on meds, a lot of them can cause you to go diabetic. For me I start eating the Atkins way to get it back under control - no sugars, no to little carbs - high protein.

They’ll stick you on metformin. It’s no big deal.

My mom has prediabetic symptoms, she minimizes eating carbs. If u become diabetic u will have to resort to fuel being fats and proteins, which will spike cholesterol that APs also raise.