Diabetics,need information

Hello guys,I think I am pre-diabetics as I have been consuming and alarming amount of sugar recently.Three cans of sweet caffeine a day and eat lots of carbs.People with diabetics,is it a very bad disease,and what can I do to delay the diabeties to affect my life?

The obvious being cut down on tbe sugary drinks.
Eat more fresh vegetables, fruit, drink more water.
Don’t cut out specific foods, but eat in moderation.
Get enough exercise and sleep.
It’s nothing new, just sensible advice.


Get some blood tests immediately if you suspect diabetes to confirm it.

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Listen to @Csummers. Cut out junk food and sugary drinks.

Diabetes is extremely dangerous. People end up getting feet and legs amputated from it if it goes uncontrolled. Oh yeah, and dying. If you suspect you are diabetic you need to get treatment as soon as possible. I am type 2 diabetic and take medication for it. It is also important to eat the proper diet.

One symptom of diabetes can be tiredness that really scares me. I agree with @everhopeful get a blood test ASAP. You may not have it but if you continue the way your diet is then your risk is high for diabetes… Its the sad truth. Regularly exercising also helps reduce risk of diabetes.


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