Practical help

Hey all, Im very depressed and have trouble finding the courage to come out of my mind/bed/house. It does lift me up a bit though to go.

Would you guys want to remind me here now and then to get out and take a short walk? Or maybe i can post after i went out, to show people i did?

It is about 22 o’clock here now, so not now, but maybe by day.

Thanks if you would want that.

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Maybe you could set a reminder on your phone to remind you? That might work too.


Maybe you could just sit in the park, if the weather isn’t too cold or wet? The fresh air will do you good.


Drink some good coffee, eat a good meal, take a hot shower, listen to music that cheers me up. I hope you feel better, trust me it doesnt last forever better days will come dont worry.


Do you have a lawn chair you could just sit on for awhile? It would be a little easier than a walk to help you get the idea that it’s nice outside.


Yea use an alarm on your cellphone. That’s what I do for apts and taking pills. Yes, I did forget my pills in the past and I am 30.

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Thanks you all.

I just went to a positive place, walked outside and tried to let the good things in. Wind, trees, music. It helped for a bit.

Maybe i will sit outside later today.


My therapist 10 years back said to me there is nothing like 10 minutes of sunlight. And Chordy May have a point If you have a lawn. You can watch the passers by. People watch.

These Adirondack chairs that are gaining in popularity are actually comfortable.

Sorry I couldn’t help anymore than this. I always thought you were doing better than you described as going by your original post!

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Thanks, it is kindness, that does help!

Im just having a hard time lately. Sometimes im doing somewhat better and succeed at being more positive and forgetting the bad times a bit (as i tend to forget the good times when things seem dark). Depends on the part of the month too, so im hoping for 2-3 somewhat brighter weeks.

I will remember the sunlight quote and check for the chair.

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Im grateful for the people in my life. My son, my dad, my mum before she died, people from church, a few friends. I dont think i deserve them, i did quite a lot of horrible stuff in life and wasnt really capable of seeing it anymore for a while, but there are such loving people around me.

Im also thankful for all your support.

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