Post the current time there

it’s 09;25pm here in ireland :dizzy_face:

Hello pedro it’s the same time here in the UK

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It’s 4:30 pm i have some time to kill before I head out for the night :cocktail: Feeling a little lazy honestly.

what time do you usually sleep?

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Have a great night out
Have a drink for me


im usually asleep by 11 depending

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yeah me too. I usually sleep around 10 pm but I’m waking up several times during the night. It’s getting weird. I’m gonna go to bed a little late than usual.

3:31 Central Time, USA.

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when i cant sleep i double up on the zyprexa that does the trick

Good for you. I just recently quit Ativan and maybe that’s why. switching meds right now. Hope you have a good night and sweet dreams :strawberry:

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21:33 in Portugal

Zyprexa used to knock me out

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3:35 fifteen characters


be safe switching meds takes time to adjust to the new med

Yeah you know waterway, I’m kinda worried about you. Ativan is actually pretty hard. and did I read before you’re lowering your geodon or something? and you’re about to go off all meds? I think you’re doing it too fast. WAY too fast. I could be wrong though. But I think you’re just covering it up good.

Thank you. I’m stopping Geodon in four days but taking 60 mg of Latuda instead. I quit Ativan 3 weeks ago, I was taking 0.5 mg per night to treat my insomnia caused by Geodon. I’m doing fine, just a little agitated in general but fine.

be careful!!!

1:40 pm in California. Hot and sunny.

Did you just start latuda? I was on that. That ■■■■ freakin suxks man! You might wanna look it up on webmd for a list of side effects. I don’t think its as good as they make it sound. That crap had my joints aching like I was an old man. And also like a weird type of mania as well. Latuda is def a weird drug.

But i was never on geodon so I can’t compare it.

And it’s a bad time to go through ativan widthrawal too since your switching meds.

Just be careful ok??? Some people can handle it some cant.


3:43pm here is Missouri USA.

im taking it 15 years i built up a tolrance to it