Going to attempt taking my geodon once a day

i was going to wait until my psychiatrist appointment but i think i am going to call him today and tell him that it makes me too tired when i take it in the morning and i am already on the highest dose and im pretty sure the higher the dosage the longer half life it has so i am going to experiment taking it only at night and if it makes me feel bad or something than i will just take it tomorrow
i know i should probably wait until my appointment to change anything with my meds but i have tapered myself off of my last med twice and theres literally nothing possible that could go wrong because its not like the meds will be out of my system in 24 hours i think i will be fine

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Let us know how it works out.

I experimented with the best time of day to take my abilify too. I’m glad I did.

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Geodon’s half life is about 7 hours. To be effective you really need it twice a day. You can certainly experiment though. I took it all at night for years and really struggled. Now that I take it in the morning I am more stable and functional. The tiredness wears off eventually.

Good luck.


I am so sorry @sigarino =(

I had the exact same problem. It reversed my sleep cycle and I would pass out in the morning and have insomnia wired at night at 80 mg twice a day. How many mg are you taking?

What I did was take 40 mg in the morning low dose (you really need to eat 500-700 calories with this pill and a very good balanced meal like 2 eggs, a brown toast, butter, a banana in the morning.

and at night I used to take 80 mg or 120 mg :thinking:
I struggled a lot on that med.

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ye i have the same thing where I’m so tired in the morning and than cant sleep well at night i am sleeping a little more at night but in the middle of the day i feel like gravity is pulling me down like i cant walk much I’m on 80 mg twice but it has been doing this ever since i started at 20 mg i think i have some problems sleeping because my last med made me sleep like 12 hours and this one isn’t as sedating except for in the morning

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I am so sorry =(

so you know what was my trick?

I woke up at 4:30 am had 1 or 2 bananas 300 calories and took 80 mg and went back to sleep. You will be so sleepy so you fall asleep immediately. Then I woke up around 8-9 am with no problems whatsoever and had a normal peaceful day.

At night Every night with 80 mg of Geodon, I took 0,25 mg of Ativan.