Possible future job

i know it is hard to find a proper job that we might be able to do if we were feeling a bit better (or a lot better)
but i found out about a job that might suit my needs, its not too stressful and i think the pay is good but i havent checked it out completely,

the job is a paid carer, its someone who goes into someones home and helps out with things like meals and social things as well, i am having a bit of practice with my mum and dad and sweeps dad who all have problems and need some extra care and i have been learning about care when i was at college before i dropped out after 2 years of study.

it just sounds like an easy stressless job, something that i might be able to do in the future, people with disabilities like old age and mobility problems are the most vulnerable in our society and they rely on people like us to help them have some sort of quality of life, thats why i would like to do something like that.

what about you? is there anything that you think you might be able to do?


Currently I work at a place where mentally ill people work. I go to work 3 days per week, just for 2-4 hours a day. So for the time being, I keep doing this job. I’m not thinking of getting a proper job soon.

But if I do, I would get a job that there’re not so many people around and doesn’t need much flexibility. But anyway, it won’t happen in the near future.

If you think you can do it, why not give it a try?


Sounds like a good thing to do @Resilient1. Helping those in need is a great way to give


This is very cool. I have a feeling you will be good at it. You have been through some heavy illness and you would have patience and actually care about people to help them.


i’m talking maybe 2 or 3 years down the line tho as long as i keep my stability and keep taking my med
i just hope there is no pressure with a job like that (i hate pressure) i get stressed and anxious and then my chest starts to hurt and i need to sit down, but with this job i think it will just be a case of looking after some elderly people maybe with memory problems or something and talking to them and making sure they have eaten and things, i think that would be a good job.

to be honest i would like to go back to working on farms again, i enjoyed that.
i live on a farm ( i don’t own the farm )
i like the solitude of nature.
take care


i got offered a job yesterday but i turned it down bc if i was found to be working my benefits would stop and i would be penniless basically, the job was just doing someones gardening and weeding (i’ve actually been thinking about doing it for free) but i’d like to spend my time being a lot more fruitful (if you know what i mean) ‘volunteering a bit more’

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