Possessions Going Missing

My mum keeps stealing my possessions in my room, some of which are still boxed and unopened. My wife has refused me permission to put a lock on my door.

This is seriously making me feel suicidal. My own mum is a thief and she refuses to look for my belongings as she knows very well she has taken them. I don’t know what she is doing with them - selling them on or what.

Has onyone else notice things taken from their room or misplaced without reason?

oh man lol i think my dad stole my memory card from my room n like crumbled my notebook and bent my sticker tag before work like a marine corps mission! recently. i just vented to my sister and forgot about it and bought another memory card for my camera. it was so angrying ahh uh i think cause i didnt help him work and i was neglecting the dog playing loud music and such. i used to take his change and ■■■■. but anyways, hope you find your stuff serious hope you can hopefully get through this! good stuff/vibes.

Why do you need your wife’s permission to put a lock on your door?

Fck that. If she has a problem with it, she’s part of the current problem. I say override her, and just do it.

I agree I shouldn’t need her permission. But If I did override her I would not hear the end of it.She bullies me really hard. She’s a bi*****.

My mum would love me to commit suicide. If I buy any replacements she will simply re-steal them.

I asked my sister to have a word with my mum to tell her what it is doing to me but No.

Sounds like you need a divorce. That’s no way to live.

If there is an altercation between me and my wife I am told the police will arrest me.

I will have nowhere to stay.

Unfortunately we have two children involved.

Suicide seems the only way out.

@synapse321 Is there a friend you can call to help you in this situation or someone you can talk to in person…

The police should only arrest you if you’re being abusive. Besides, why would there be an altercation? There’s really never a need for things to escalate to an altercation.

I think your response isn’t healthy.

Suicide isn’t a way out, the situation lives on, it just becomes more chaotic.

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Unfortunately I have no friends.

I will have to ride it out.

Lock down may have someting to do with others feeling the same way.

I could call Samaritans but would need somewhere private.

Thanks fo Fractaled about suicde causing more chaos.


It could be something simple as she is trying to keep your stuff safe. My dad does this, he has some of my important items at his house…but he’ll bring them over if I ask for them. Have you approached your mom or asked her why she’s holding onto your things maybe its a misunderstanding…

My mum lives with us. If I blame her she starts nagging and has a go at me.

I hope one day to come back to this post and reflect on has happened since for good or worse.

Thanks everyone.

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