It's mine, mine, mine, MINE

I gotta ask you parents how you teach your little ones that everything they see isn’t theirs. All I can remember is getting my hand smacked and it didn’t change my mind any. I think kids are born thinking the world is their oyster. We have an eight year old here who still thinks any thing she wants is hers. It isn’t stealing to her. What to do?

I never had to do anything special. Just told them that things were not theirs when they wanted something that was someone else’s. I never understood peopl who have problems teaching their kids stuff. Maybe it’s a learning disability or personality disorder. Those show up in kids.

*my youngest is 8 and doesn’t take things so it isn’t an age related thing.


@chordy but it is stealing. my oldest never got it until like age 20 but he is autistic so everything takes longer to teach him

My kids never have other than when my daughter snuck a few cigarettes and told me a few months later. When they have friends over I always put my purse in my bedroom. Feels wrong to do that but I think it is better. No temptation.


It’s said that locking your doors just keeps your neighbors honest.


Very true. I need to make keys for everyone because I always feel like I’m going to accidentally lock someone out

I lived in an apartment complex and a single mom and her baby were locking themselves out and calling the landlord who was irate because he lived 30 miles away. The mom would wait it out in my place while she worried her kid had no milk. It was a hassle every time. She should have kept a duplicate with me. Wish I’d thought of it then.

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