Positive experiences with invega/paliperidone

It looks like the best option for me is invega. My psychiatrist recommended it because it has less movement problems. I want to know positive experiences with it and do you have anhedonia?

Im on it. Yes i have anhedonia

i am on it. i like it. not a high dose. my prolactin did go up 10 times normal tho so my dr put me on abilify with it and it has dropped in half after just one week but its still like 4 or 5 times normal. thats the only side effect i have. an i actually have more motivation and stuff to do stuff on it than i did before. it works good. i havent gained weight. it doesnt make me tired and i take it in the morning.

I’m on it, i have anhedonia also

Im taking it, I’ve gained alot of weight and I do have anhedonia from it.

the joke is that you’re “in vegas.” you’re rolling the dice with INVEGA(s)

  • has many dangerous side affects as almost all of these antipsychotics do
  • can make psychosis worse if taken chronically
  • good luck

I’m on 150mg a month.

Makes me feel lethargic.

I think I have mild anhedonia and can’t enjoy TV shows/films etc. Even music isn’t as pleasurable as before.

I think it’s better than other meds but people react differently to APs.

For example I’m allergic to Aripriprazole cos it causes tingling/shaking/tremors.

But for others it’s fine.

I wish they gave me 75mg Paliperidone instead.

Not like my symptoms are powerful or anything

yeah I’m not surprised to hear that.

Dopamine is a powerful neurotransmitter. Any strong blockade can cause lethargy, fatigue, even emotional numbness. Yet, that is what certain people with schizophrenia benefit from. The mental sluggishness is a relief to them because it can quiet racing thoughts or hallucinations or manic tendencies.

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I could live without it :slight_smile:

I’m on Invega 150mg shot. I find I sleep a lot. Don’t have anhedonia but also don’t experience the euphoric feelings I used too. (don’t know if this is a bad thing?) I have gained weight on it.

This is one of the few I have yet to try

Source ?


. journal articles. Satan himself.

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Not to create to many haters because people have really mixed opinions about Invega. But I once met a man who had been taking Trillafone( an Old 1.gen) and Got on Invega and that really changes his life for the better because he Got rid of the stilffness and most psychosis.
Strange how different meds works on different people.

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Yep, on invega also on 100mg a month.

I can’t feel music emotionally, I feel like the medication is blocking when I feel good from hearing a chord progression or anything high energy/emotonal peaks of a song.

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I don’t get chills like I used to from music :disappointed:

Honestly screw these meds

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Screw them indeed. I’m just hoping for a chance to be off them, just so I can get back music again.

Btw nice profile pic, used to be really into mass effect when I was a teen.

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I was on it for 14 years. Still had symptoms to a degree and lots of side effects. I enjoyed the manic high I got from it. I had to take an anticholinergic with it though as the akathisia was bad. It works great for some people not so much for others. It didn’t work wonders for me. I had tried all the others and the ones that worked were about the same. Perphenazine has helped me the most though.

İ was on it for 7 months and it cleared most of my disease but it was one of the heaviest medicines i had ever taken when i left the hospital and got in my car my lips swelled up like a duck i started to lose my breath everything got blurry my head started to feel very weird time started to slow down my memory became so bad that i couldnt remember what i did an hour ago i was so sedated i couldnt get up i also was so unconfortable that i had to move constantly it was like some kinda injectable torture device but it worked fine i wouldnt recommend it because of the side effects but i would reccomend using it for short periods of time for your illness it has helped me alot hope it helps you too

I like it and no it doesnt cause anehdonia like risperdal did but thats for ME you gotta see your doctor