Poor 'normies'!

and their inability to connect with people telepathically over the internet. i don’t even have to post and you all can follow my thought process! While they can hide their emotions behind their keyboard, not worrying about that people are knowing what they’re thinking.

and their ability to ‘troll’ because no ones “out to get them”. must suck. having the ability to not be nice and all.

im serious though

Huh? Are you okay?

Yes I’m in a good mood. Too good of a mood. I’m really on quite a streak of good moods. It’s strange. Usually I would consider it a successful day if I had 75% of the day not thinking the world is going to end soon. But lately it’s been 100% good. It’s quite strange. I apologize to those who are in bad moods in the winter months and I seem like I’m having too good of a time. But I can’t help it I just wanna tell the world how good I’m feeling. And then I drink coffee and it just escalates it even more. I’m about to take a bath after the basketball game is over and read my book. Lol thanks for your concern though.

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Okay, don’t turn manic :wink:


How’s your sleep been? Mania’s generally all fun and games until it’s not fun anymore. Most cases the anti climax being the possible crash at the end. The depression can be beyond crippling. So it’s always worth mention moodswings to your pdoc as soon as you can.


I get in the ultra good moods also, and then the inevitable crash at some point

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Sleep has been good. I’ve never had this length of a good mood before. I’ve sometimes questioned the bi-polar part of my schizophrenia. I believe I’ve had depression but not sure if it’s bi-polar depression. I think I might just be in a good mood. Only time will tell though.

I’ll ask my doctor though because he seems to understand me really well.


My last mild mania I had this epic idea to turn my spare room into a white board.

Literally the entire room. All the walls and the ceiling and the floor LOL

And I even made a youtube channel for making short comedy clips and educational clips also. And I named the channel “whiteboard universe”

Then my mania wore off this week and now I’m second guessing this whole idea.

Mania is a bit wild. Still learning to tame and harness it when it happens :stuck_out_tongue: