POLL. Why haven't I cleaned my room in 12 months?

It’s true that no one else ever enters the room so I don’t have a huge incentive to clean, but even so I’m still baffled by this.

  • Sekso is a dirty fella
  • Negative symptoms
  • Lazy, no work ethic whatsoever
  • Rational choice
  • Spiritual breakthrough

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I do the same. Normally a change of season reminds me that I should clean it as it hasn’t been done. I don’t spend much time in my bedroom other than sleeping so it doesn’t really bother me much.

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My room’s pretty empty. Usually clean it when I vacuum.


I think it’s what you’ve chosen to do.

Negative symptoms play a large role,

But so does just plain not wanting to do it.


Most days I spend 23 hours in bed, busy though with books and computer.

You’re probably right, but I’d have made different choices in the past.

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Cleaning it today is as good as any day to start.


My room looks like a disaster zone!
These negatives are killing me!


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