I don’t clean nearly enough

Here’s my room


Its time to clean it I guess.

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You gather that up right now! Stop what you’re doing and gather that up! That’s terrible. You don’t need to sit and look at that. It will take 2 minutes to gather it up and you’ll feel so much better. Just do it.

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Here it is, better


wow, Im impressed, good job

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Thanks for motivating me leaf. I was just trying to prove a point that I don’t clean enough. :smiley: :smiley:

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Looks so much better & bet you feel better for it too

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Yeah, I do feel better now. your’re right

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I don’t clean enough too. The trash can was full, so I left empty food containers on the table. Also there are empty Mountain Dew bottles all over the place.

This morning I took the trash out to the dumpster, and picked up all the trash that haven’t been thrown out. It wasn’t too bad. I just don’t know why I can’t get motivated to do anything.

I’m pretty bad at it too. I can’t clean and I also can’t bear to see my mom do it for me. It’s hard to explain how both could be facts (I suppose I’m slowly getting better at it. But I also relapse regress a lot too.

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