Nurse practitioner

Anyone use one. My insurance is terrible. Luckily I only see my pdoc 2 times a year . But would like to save some money. I pay $145 for my pdoc to write my prescription. It’s always the same and I’m extremely stable. Anyone know how much cheaper I could get a script for. My general won’t do it for me.

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I’ve heard that you can get your med’s cheaper if you buy them in Canada or Mexico, if that’s an option for you.

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Not sure I know how ,can you mail order them without a prescription?

That I don’t know. I don’t know where you can get accurate information on that, but you probably can find the pertinent information on that if you look very hard. Talk to old people. I hear they get their med’s like that a lot.


Yeah. It is extremely convenient compared to seeing both a psychiatrist and therapist. Honestly I think every health care professional should both prescribe and give therapy because managing meds with someone like a pdoc who you only see like twice a month can be a disaster if you aren’t adjusting well.

However in my experience (I’ve seen psychiatrists as well), my APN does not have as much knowledge of medication as a psychiatrist does, which has created issues for me when for example she is oblivious to certain med interactions or has never heard of a side effect I’m experiencing and has no solutions or even doesn’t believe I’m having it. So. It’s a tradeoff.

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