Do you have negative symptoms? Yes or No

Im not talking about depression, Im talking about the opposite of Positive symptoms - Negative symptoms. I have a difficult time connecting socially, I have lack of motivation - it takes me forever just to get in the shower or brush my teeth, but in the end I do these things. I dont find too much pleasure in certain things etc…
Do you suffer from negative symptoms? Yes or No - Comments are always welcomed


I have flat affect, but that’s about it. Maybe I have more symptoms that I don’t know about though.

  • Takes me three hours to get ready in the morning.
  • Flat affect
  • Avoid social contact.

I have severe negative symptoms. To the point that I have trouble fulfilling my activities of daily living. It’s one symptoms that I’m working hard on, and I pray that it improves.




I have a lot of paranoia and then I have this compulsive checking disorder in which I need to check that the electricity etc. is off many times before I go out, plus many other symptoms.

Aren’t those positive symptoms, mjseu?

My med. causes my negative symptoms, and also i have poor concentration due to wondering mind, but i don’t thing thats negative symptom it is more like positive. I don’t know

Yes, I do. I fail to see a challenge as anything I want.

I once saw an educational video on schizophrenia, it explained that many middle aged to “older” sz patients suffer from mainly negative symptoms, and that younger patients like in their 20s and 30s suffer from more positive symptoms.
It kind of made sense


Poor motivation
Low drive
Low ambition
Limited initiative
Tendency to aimlessly drift from day to day

So if i was diagnosed with schizophrenia- yes. However what you call those things as a non schizophrenic is anyone’s guess…


I had experienced intensive negative symptoms. I didn’t feel like a human being. I couldnt cry or tell my feelings, spending a lot of time sitting there. I could hardly held a conversation. Anything is intolerable to me, including sitting in the park looking at the sky.

At present, I’m rather human like. I am normal in emotional expressions and social behaviors. I shower every morning and brush my teeth. I go out alone every day. I shop by myself. I don’t need to motivate myself to do all these. I usually don’t feel lack of motivation. But I’m slow pace and still lie on the bed more than I need. For example, I find my parents need to wait for me to finish meal. I’m like never late in appointment. But i did miss out appt once in a while. Could be it is totally out of mind. Could be i find it too demanding i could not do so much in one day. But i havent miss out work day so far. If I have a structured environment and structured daily routine, I’m largely okay. So having a part time solve a lot of the problem. I find some enjoyable moments like telling mom and papa a little sth to make them laugh. I feel like to walk along the harbourside and stay in the park. I think I need to focus more attention on making myself and others happy. It is helping.

I think memory problems, disorganization, some cognitive/physical restraints play a part in my struggle. But they are not negative symptoms.


My negative symptoms are pretty severe. Low motivation, no pleasure in anything, no excitement, flat affect etc.


Not really, no. Before I got on meds I did, I was asocial and had terrible social skills and was completely stern and cold unless I was drinking. I did make friends through alcohol, however, I was in a group of guys who got drunk all the time. I had to quit hanging out with them as much when I was getting clean of ethanol, I remember going to hangout and they were all drunk and I was just miserable. One of my friends knew what I was going through and would make me a drink to take the edge off, it helped but I used to drink a handle in a night.

If it werent for alcohol, I would have had much worse negative symptoms- I would have been a hermit.

I don’t shower every day, and I only brush my teeth once a day–at night. It’s hard for me to do these things.

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My negative symptoms really get to me a lot of the time. I have low drive and motivation. I also suffer from social withdrawal. I haven’t made new friends in many years and I find it extremely difficult to communicate with strangers. That bothers me a lot.

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Yes. Flat affect, little to no motivation.

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It’s 3:22PM and I’m writing this still in bed.


yes…i am lucky if i wash every two weeks…
but i do clean my teeth now with my new sz toothbrush…yippeeee
take care


I tend to procrastinate a lot on taking showers or doing laundry or cleaning around the house… One of the things I have been trying out is keeping a done list using google docs. Each day I write down tasks I accomplished using a few words like “got car washed” or “took shower”. I don’t write every single thing I did but if it was even a little hard I try to include it in my list. I have been keeping this log for about a month now and it seems to make me a little more motivated to try slightly harder things. Plus it is encouraging for me to see that I am making progress even if they are somewhat trivial tasks. I also keep a to do list on the computer but I try to only tackle a few things on it during the day.

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I do not know how being overly paranoid is positive and surely hearing threatening voices can not be positive, also this compulsive disorder is very annoying and time wasting, so I do not know how these can be positive symptoms, in my opinion these are quite negative.