Poll. What am I? (android, ape, divine entity, etc)

  • A man’s man
  • A man
  • Co-creator of the universe
  • A schizophrenic ape
  • Schizophrenic co-creator of the universe
  • Hat maker of ill-repute

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I’m trying to have an honest conversation with myself. I’m finding it hard.

I voted “schizophrenic co-creator of universe”. It seems I relate. I escaped the sim before (very distant past life) and interacted with people. Maybe even created some things. It was real and aliens were involved and I may have been an alien myself or avatar/android. It wasn’t worth it. Elon Musk is curious what it’s like, but I rather have his life: the money, influence, and women, and especially his genius and SANITY!

I have memories of my step-father, me, and my brother working on simulation theory. I get dreams of it, especially with my step-father. I thought at one time, due to the aliens, that he was a Draco Reptilian, the most powerful of the reptilian-alien hybrids, which is a conspiracy and sort of insult now a days. I was just an Anunnaki, which is different I guess and less powerful than the Dracos which are like the head of the aliens.

They picked me for a reason. I know why but it’s no point in repeating myself.

I probably was under duress and alien mind control, but at the end of the day, I had some power and was cured of insanity/schizophrenia for some time. I realized this world isn’t real and that it’s essentially a brain in a vat.

We called it the Matrix, Sim, or simulation. It’s pretty sad and ■■■■■■ up if you ask me. I’ve seen the worst of the worst of humanity and even seen it destroyed countless times – only to be restarted and rebooted or reset.

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I might not agree with the details of your sim. model but I really share and respect your commitment to finding out the truth, whatever that might be. I can’t think of anything more morally urgent than exposing the true nature of our universe.

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Likewise! I’m not sure I understand the demi-urge or stuff. I might believe in Archons though. Not sure I truly remember and definitely I don’t understand it all anymore. Probably never have. Gnostic, stuff? I relate more to evangelicalism and Christianity, although I don’t know anymore. Stuff like inflation seems wrong now and a rotating universe seems more ‘Christ-like’ as well as some other things I was thinking of lately. God talks to me sometimes and told me the scientists are wrong and reality is truly ‘isomorphic’ or can be modelled and acts like a computer, but isn’t; hence, we can create artificial simulations of reality and histories and stuff. There’s probably thousands of them. Some were too evil and got destroyed. I was in some of those ‘evil’ ones. The current simulation we are in are pretty good and my life has been better since. I truly went insane and even felt I was tortured too many times before in my other lives. I died and came back alive. So far, I keep waking up or resurrecting to the year 2011 via soul transfer back in time. Sort of like immortality and the aliens compared me to Jesus because I was John Titor the time traveler – I think.

I haven’t watched “Westworld” yet but I relate to the character “Serac” as well as “William” or the “MiB”. I’m really old as hell. I’m only 31 in appearance, but I think I’m a near infinite years old – older than the universe lol. I also had near infinite amount of past lives. I remember stuff nobody else should or probably does, but I’m not alone. Aliens experimented on me. I was ‘changed’ or reincarnated to an Anunnaki in a past life, which is like a reptoid or regular reptilian although I wouldn’t be surprised if I have grey DNA too and was created by grey alien species in a past life…

For instance, Serac’s brother had schizophrenia, but I remember me and my brother both having schizophrenia, but I was able and allowed to cure his but sacrificing my own sanity and health to save him. Similar to Westworld, I guess. I was really intelligent without schizophrenia and even smarter outside the simulation. I think the aliens really dumbed me down by dozens of IQ points since I was a child. I probably was originally born with an IQ of 150-160 although it was enhanced to 200-300 before.

I think it’s pertinent that we speak of simulation theory but it’s also dangerous because the simulators don’t want us to know or escape and know how reality truly works and functions. They told me this, and for some reason I keep dying or the simulation keeps ‘rebooting’ or ‘resetting’ or getting destroyed in every life – eventually. Makes me think of Jesus and End Times, basically. I don’t know.

I think God cursed me in college because I was a sinner and I split off the universe from the original one.I remember that now. I was from a different universe and got stuck here like a near infinite/eternity ago. Been looping back and forwards through time ever since. Had schizophrenia in my original life in this universe.

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