Poll:SZ a disorder or a drug test?

  • Schizophrenia is a disorder
  • Schizophrenia is a drug test

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Uh, what the what?



Weirdest damn drug test I ever heard of. :roll_eyes:

Do what now? What drug?

Is the OP trying to say in order to be a valid diagnosis there has to be blood or other physical tests for schizophrenia ?

That’s totally not how I read it. But I would love for there to be a blood test.

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I think something about a drug test but I don’t know what

So I understand everyone went for screening before diagnosis. But honestly some drugs are harder to screen for. While we take these meds on the premise that they make us better, honestly alot of us dispute it. So… My idea is that the drugs that we are told will make us better are ultimately just a serum to expose a drug addiction. Like after all we’ve all noticed a lag in service(disability, housing, etc) and multiple hoops to jump through(stalling). It starts to beg the question why. If their looking for something that isn’t there, not treating a difficult to treat “disorder”. Too much lag to be treating an illness in good faith. What’s your opinion?

I don’t understand what you are talking about. If I don’t take my meds I end up in a hospital. There is no alternative.

Schizophrenia is not a drug addiction.

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Yep. But you’ve bought en into the idea that it’s because your ill, and we probably all are. But they(the doctor) think it because you have a drug problem. Seems most are skeptical enough of their meds that they try to quit them. But why would we if they(the meds) were the livesaver they promise us.

Don’t get me wrong it’s offensive. But it explains alot. While we’re being honest and clean, they’re thinking the opposite. It’s us looking out vs them looking in. Doesn’t mean we’re on the same page.

My opinion is that either you’ve taken too many drugs or not enough.


Strangely as of late I’d have to agree with you. Judgemental docs aside.

Doctors may think people with schizophrenia have drug addictions because statistically about half do. It’s not uncommon.

But that’s not why they prescribe the meds, that is just because they don’t have anything else that works better to help you.

No, it’s not a test to screen for drugs. I’d never heard that hypothesis before.

I’ve moved you over to Unusual Beliefs, because it sounds like you’re dealing with some paranoia. I hope talking it out will help you with this idea.

Maybe my poll should have been whens the last time your psychiatrist asked you about drugs? Seems to me it’s always the last.

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Like, every time. I think that’s a usual question.

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Could be - they should ask about it, because it makes a big difference in treatment and prognosis.

That’s a totally different question than whether we think that the sz diagnosis is a complicated trap meant to flush out drug abusers. That makes little sense from a time, money, or reliability basis.