Poll: Psych Hospitalizations

How many times were you hospitalized at a psych hospital/ward?

  • Never
  • Once
  • Twice
  • Three times
  • Four times
  • Five times
  • Six times
  • More than 6 times

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I said five times. I don’t really remember for sure, but it was probably around five or six times.

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I’m lucky I guess, because I’ve never gone to the psych ward for any reason. The closest I came was probably when I was anorexic.


A lot of my stays were less than a week, but there were a lot of them


I consider myself lucky that I’ve only been admitted 3 times.

The first time was because of an antidepressant and it making me manic.

The other 2 hospitalizations were because I switched my AP and things didn’t work out.

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Med changes and a very bad reaction from Xeplion.

I dont know why people here are so ashamed of going to the ward. If you need help, get it.

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i been at the psych ward twice, each time for 4 months.

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4 times

3 of those were wasted opportunities to get better as I didn’t comply with medication

Last time (4th time), I complied with meds and had a brief stay in a private hospital which was very nice - like a hotel with pills

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