Poll: Patriotic, Military, Love your country

I don’t know if this one is allowed, but I got an opinion survey from The American Legion.
This poll shows how you vote.

  • Patriotic
  • Not Patriotic
  • Love My Country
  • Don’t Love My Country
  • Military/Veteran
  • Not Military/Veteran

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As a non-American, am I also supposed to vote? Or do you want American opinions? What is the American Legion?


I went to a public, military style elementary school, but didn’t join the military when I turned 18. I did well in this school and liked it, but my sister hated it. Too much routine and rules for her.

Sure you can vote. As best as I understand The American Legion is veterans organization.

I believe patriotism of any nation is dangerous.

I don’t love any country. There are countries I would prefer to live in.

I rather live in a more peaceful country than the US.


Back in 1977 when I turned 18, you couldn’t be in the military if you are gay. I thought about joining though after I dropped out of college and needed a job.

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I voted for animal justice party.

I am not for military and weapons and hierarchy.
Better put that money to better things like health care, homeless, vegan food for everyone, taking care of environment, clean water etc

I am for a more cruelty free world and a world where everyone has a roof over their head and vegan food to eat.

I vote for a vegan future for humans.
For the animals.for the environment.for our health and spirituality.for our water and resources.
We can feed all the people in the world.
We feed over fifty billion animals corn and stuff that could be fed to people I think.
You can thrive on a vegan diet.
Animals are tortured and they feel pain.

My second vote was for the greens.
But most of them eat meat which i don’t agree with.

I think you pretty much asked how we vote and our stand and that’s my vote and stand.

I love my country .
Ofcourse I do .:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::pray:t4:


Well these results are encouraging.

I love my country for all the rights we have in it, but that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. No country in the world is perfect.

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I love my current country Canada. I prefer it over my natal country. But I don’t like to be in the miltary as I will surely die.


I love my Country. But sometimes my government sucks.


When I was in the army it seemed like there was always something the army did that rubbed everybody the wrong way. A lot of it was having to submit to military discipline when you were hung over. It was a different army when I was in. In 1980 I voted for Ronald Reagan solely for his promise to build up our military. In 1980 I would have voted for Ghengis Khan if he would have built up our military. Right when I got out a whole new generation of military equipment was coming in. Back then I was young and dumb, and I saw a “most bang for your buck” approach as best to build up our military. Now I see that high tech is the best way to go.

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I’ve sometimes wonder if you had a very scientific, controlled vegan diet if your body could perform better in some regards, like maybe having vegan body builders progress compare with regular body builders. I sometimes think that plant protein breaks down faster and repairs muscle tissue better than animal protein. I realize that isn’t the real spirit of veganism, but it would still be interesting to see.


There was a gay guy in our platoon when I was in the army in 1977. There were gays in other places too. It wasn’t a problem.

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Well I’m sure it cuts down on saturated fat. I think saturated fats only come from animal sources. I think palm and coconut fat is saturated.

I believe coconut fat is some kind of dangerous fat. I bought some coconut oil because I heard it was good for fighting Alzheimer’s, but when I found out it had dangerous fats in it I through it away.

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The last I heard it’s okay to eat some butter now, but margarine is bad because of trans fats. I buy margarine still, but I get the ones labeled no trans fats.

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Saturated fats can also come from plants and hydrogenated oils. Coconut, palm, cocoa butter/chocolate, etc

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Thanks @Aziz. I didn’t think about those. The stuff I got is labeled 45% vegetable oil spread. It doesn’t say margarine.

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There should be a label that says how much saturated fat there is in a certain amount like 15ml or a spoon.

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