Selfless service
Personal courage

It all has been spelled as, LDRSHIP…(leadership).

I can go over all reports and methods to communicate on military radio but not public service tango.


I’ve found most in military like their country republican
And with the higher involvement

They want to keep the republic plain and simple. The want you to have a safe plentiful life. And they’re thinking that they’re willing to kill at the beginning, but after a certain amount of time they’re SURE that they’re going to kill the governments enemy.

So you see how much of a dragon the government has become, no?

I voted republican recently, the first time I voted since Kerry lost against Bush. I thought everyone would go for kerry, but I was let down and old George went at it again huh?

I’m just saying, I respect our security and interest-and I want to be involved with my nation. How is that in any way sinful?

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You forgot alcoholic. The drug of choice of the army.

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What about atheism being the main ideology in the army?

Why the disrespect?

Those of us on here with PTSD should understand what servicemen and women have been through more than anyone.

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What disrespect? Was the age to vote changed with the age of to drink during Vietnam in most of the states in USA as was allover the world with those involved. Why was that?

if you put Respect before Duty, you get LRDSHIP… (lordship!) :cold_sweat:

I think they do shift those words around like so, in Great Britian! :slight_smile:

just kidding… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree wholeheartedly SIR B.

Lords and Ladies have snuck into the court and gotten rotten off of old money…go figure.

:army: :army:

the emoji doesn’t work :disappointed_relieved:

you’ve fought alongside British troops, no? American soldiers fight alongside a variety of different nations, I hear. but maybe that’s a modern thing. :thinking:

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