Poll on how many of you have tried a partial antagonist (Abilify, rexulti, Vraylar)

Poll on how many of you have tried partial antagonists (rexulti, Abilify, vraylar)
  • I am on a partial antagonist
  • I dislike partial antagonists
  • Not strong enough

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God damnet I didn’t add the “never been on a partial antagonist” vote.


I’m on Rexulti and it’s working well for me. It’s been about 3 months now.


I was on Abilify for 8 years.

I was abilify for two years or so. Didn’t really work out for me and I went back to zyprexa.

Did you feel emotions and have good cognitive skills on it?

Why not if you don’t mind me asking?

No I didnt but I had more energy and motivation. But still not as good as before sz diagnosis.

Just didn’t do as good as zyprexa for me and function. I was poor with concentration and felt I went backwards in function. I tried it for a while and really wanted it to work but just had to go back.

For me these were damaged by the sz and not the meds.

I had problems with Abilify and Vraylar.
Both of these drugs made me extremely anxious.
Vraylar made me manic and nuts!

I was involuntarily committed to a psych hospital twice soon after taking Vraylar.

No more partial dopamine agonists for me.

No way.

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I’m on a relatively new partial antagonist called blonanserin. It has very little side effects. It sucks because I have to go back to abilify. The clinic I’m at doesn’t have blonanserin there.

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I’m on Clopixol and abilify

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I just started abilify its working well

Clopixol was knockout stuff for me. I used it for about 2 years and then Olanzapine and after that Abilify. I’m on 25mg of Abilify atm


How do you like it?
Abilify I mean.

Abilify is good. I started on 15mg but relapsed. Then went up to 20 and relapsed. Then to 30 but it was to strong. I’m currently on 25mg. I had some episodes whilst on 25mg but atm I’m stable

Can you feel emotions and have good cognitive skills?

My cognition is bad. I struggle with concentration. Few emotions. Barely laugh and never cry


Abilify was not good for me

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