Poll on how many of you have tried a partial antagonist (Abilify, rexulti, Vraylar)

On Abilify, I was very paranoid. About every tenth thought I had was a paranoid thought. Very intense torture. I remember it had me on the phone, in tears to my nurse.

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I am on abilify maintena this drug I feel has ruined my brain. I cannot be creative or artistic anymore and I’m extremely forgetful on it I’m also suffering from anadohnia no motivation to do anything anymore

I also get fleeting anxiety from it and am slower

idk if my current med is a partial antagonist, hell i dont even know what that means lol

its ok i looked it up, my med is a highly selective d2/d3 antagonist, atypical ap, but i tried abilify once and i went crazy so there is that too

I took Abilify 6 years ago for a very short period of time. Like, days. It made me suicidal, and the doc at the mental health center said that I can never take Abilify again. Fine by me…not only was I suicidal, but I had akathisia.

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I had a complete melt down i tried it for a month

What dose are you on?

I’m on 300ml I’m quite a sensitive person with medications.

I’m in clopixol and Abilify
They added Abilify about 3 years ago

Clopixol took me out of psychosis since 15 years ago in a way that sedated me for days at a time, after depots
And recently with twice daily meds, less so

It’s been a real trade off
Being well

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I had high hopes to ability in 2003. I took it width cliopixol depo. It worsened my condition so much. I heard lots of voices while on it. So I quit using it. Now I am reluctant to try a dopamine stabilization again. I’ve got lots of negatives that I would like gotten treated but I have to wait for an antipsychotic that works in other ways than dopamine agonists.

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