POLL. Is individuality a myth?

Do you agree with the following statement?

“A life-weary naturalist might have easily concluded that Homo Sapiens Normaliensis biggest claim to individuality lied precisely in his efforts to keep up with the flock.”

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Neither agree or disagree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

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That sounds like a paradox to me.

I dont believe in individuality.
I am an anarchist and i believe in the
social instinct of human.
Just like bees or ants, we should build a society together and live peacefully

When i was younger
I believed in individualistic anarchism
by Max Stirner. Not anymore

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We tend to think of concepts like individuality -as we understand it today- or nationalism as being entirely natural and even universal. Sociologists and historians have shown that this isn’t the case at all.

I also find that position very tempting but I agree it doesn’t make much sense.

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Keeping up with the flock.

This is my problem

I don’t have motivation to keep up with the flock because it collapses under the pressure to keep up with the flock.

Eventhough I really want to keep up with the flock.

I do try, I really do.

Why on this good earth would you want to do that? Anyway, the easiest way of joining the crowd is by becoming an individualist, or even better, by claiming to have become one.

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I guess I said Strongly Agree

because I’ve always had a competitive spirit,
plus I love America,
but people can tell by my writing I’m very original
if that counts for individuality.

I believe in individuality. I have to im not a social person and will spend most of my life alone. Because of that i will have to be independent and will have my own thoughts and opinions.

So you’re saying you strongly disagree? :slight_smile:

I believe too, but I don’t see it as being more than an ideological preference.

no, ha, I strongly agree with the statement.

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Yes, we have too much in common to be individual, like the flock eat, breath,illness,reproduce. Or where does individuality starts, in fashion,sports,education,music ?

I read the statement several times and all I have to say is “HUH?”

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To get the right answers in life we have to start by asking the right questions. If the questions are flawed so will be the answers.

That certainly sounds logical, but are you sure that the question always precedes the answer? And more importantly, are you sure the right answer is always the result of asking the right question?

In deductive reasoning the answer precedes the questions. Under these circumstances the right questions would deduce the right understanding of the answer.

I know, but I was placing the question and answer routine in a social setting, not as part of a syllogism. Science moved past scholastic philosophy a long time ago. No argument, let alone a conclusion is being advanced. This is nothing more than an informal attitudinal exploration with the answers providing data to be analysed later (if this was serious which it isn’t) and not conclusions to any fundamental question. You really are missing the point here. Somehow we never succeed in understanding each other.

Science or no science logic is logic. Live long and prosper.