I'll give ten quid and a manly handshake to anyone who can refute solipsism

To my entire satisfaction, this is. I need to move on with my existential crisis in case someone thinks I’m delusional or something.

Solipsism is twofold: solipsism as philosophical position, and solipsism as psychological experience

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True, but it’s the former that bothers me the most.

I have both. I even have a tattoo, “Solus Ipse” reminding me to not take people seriously and their behavior. It’s only everywhere and as everyone

You can’t refute solipsy to someone determined to believe in it.

Best argument I have is object permanence, and untold amounts of complexity in this reality. Like open youtube and search for any old brief random term and there’s going to be videos for it. Same with a search engine. It’s possible a simulation admin put those terms there to accommodate that, but at the same time there’s a good possibility that other random people simply put those results up on their own accord.

Also, any person you meet will have a history that stretches from their day of birth to today. They’re not actors.

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An attempt to win 10 quids:

If you answer this post, then you owe me ten quids. You react and other people witness it.


E pur si muove!

The problem with common sense and “shared reality” arguments is that they beg the question. How do we know other people exist -whatever their ontological status- outside my/our mind in the first place? And certainly I wouldn’t posit “delusional intensity of belief” as proof of any kind. My belief in solipsism is a tentative, open to revision one, and the product of a bade case of existential crisis.

Thanks, I’m familiar with the arguments for and against solipsism, but I’m unable to make up my mind.

Hey, you can think about these things and not be delusional. It’s okay. I hope you have a good day today and don’t get frustrated with yourself.

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I admire your interest in instauring dialectics with yourself.

May I ask what your opinion on “free will” is?


That’s a controversial subject on this forum. I’m a compatibilist.

The paradoxical self: Awareness, solipsism and first-rank symptoms in schizophrenia


It’s a great article, I’ve read it a few times.

When I was off meds I’d obsess about the nature of reality. My thoughts would become really metaphysical.


I like Wittgenstein’s transcendental argument, something I tried to suggest earlier to you. Roughly: to formulate solipsism as a truth claim is pragmatic self-defeat, since all we know about what truth even means goes back to common-sensical reality: one cannot draw on that to give your words meaning only to undermine the very basis of their meaningfulness. To maintain solipsism in the face of such an objection presses one to give an account of meaning that does not rely on common-sense reality. This may urge you to face a private-language argument. As @Om_Sadasiva rightly mentions, the psychological experience does not care about such objections, but is to be distinguished from the aspiring truth claim.


Self_Solipsism_and_Schizophrenic_Delusions.pdf (176.5 KB)

Do you believe that te actions of a delinquent are a mix of free will and deterministic reasons?

I’ve done the ‘perhaps we’re characters in an alien’s dream’ thing.