How can you persuade a solipsist

Haha. There’s no way to persuade me.
Solipsism as philosophy is one thing,
and believing in solipsism is another thing:
It is a psychological syndrome, wiki says.
I have both the philosophical idea and the syndrome.

@NotSeksoEmpirico, did you ever have it?

Maybe it’s delusion, nevertheless it makes me invincible and strong

What about shared experiences how do soliphists explain that?

In a dream everything is the one and same mind,
appearing as multitudes and various beings etc.

Yes, I suspect many have but stumbled upon the usual obstacules and left the fort unguarded. To be honest, when I defend solipisism what I defend is a particular version of the “problem of other minds” (which overlaps with solipsism but it’s not identical) and occasionalism (which derives from my “delusional” belief that we live in a sim.).

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I also believe in sims, but not constantly

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Makes sense that would explain shared experiences then a wakeing dream in other words.

I don’t know if it makes sense, but I also believe in matrix. It may sound as a contradiction, but I believe that it’s me who gives myself the pill.
I am all historical beings of the past, of the present and future

I found a group on Facebook for solipsists where everyone thinks they are the one. Lol.
It’s quite funny, but I can’t get over it

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