Poll: How well do you you rate your antipsychotic?

Rate your antipsychotic that you use - with 1 being not at all helpful, and 10 being that it works really well and has no side effects.

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abilify-I give it a 10/10

Risperdal, I gave it a 9 - assuming 10 is the best score.
Great med for my mood and psychosis but significant side effects

I gave my Geodon an 8 because I still hear voices. They’re just friendly now. Also, I sleep like 12 hours a night, though that might be because of my head injury instead of my meds.

I gave mine(risperdal) a 6 because of the anxiety,drive and motivation issues.

I gave abilify a 5 as it did work, but gave me tunnel vision thinking, and I had to come off of it as I couldn’t tolerate it due to anxiety. I’m off meds now for about 6 weeks and it’s hellish.

I’d give my meds an 8 out of 10. I think they work pretty well… but I also put in a lot of work with my therapist to get help me get going as well.

I still have some glitch days… I still have some problems… but I think my days are leveling out… I like that.

Seroquel quetiapine at a very low dose. Just The Best. (After years of trying one thing and another.) Probably wouldn’t work as well as it does, however, if I was not so involved in 12 Step groups and doing do-it-yourself workbooks.

Clozaril, 7/10. I still have voices throughout the day, and occasional visual hallucinations. Also I would say I still I’m somewhat delusional. Though I am highly functional, I am excelling in college and in social aspects in my life and I haven’t been hospitalized in the 3 years since being put on this med.

right now I think I’d give it a 3 out of 10…only because I’ve been experiencing some psychotic symptoms despite the high dosage amount I’m on. Which makes me depressed…I’ve been on dozens of pills over the years and the one I’m on does work the best in general but it doesn’t make my symptoms go away like I hoped it would…it makes so I can realize the truth between the hallucinations/delusions, and I generally can ignore the voices but it doesn’t make them go away, or stop coming.

I give Geodon an 8 for 80% less symptoms

probably 99% here so i rounded it off to 10 because it helps so much more than my last med i was on which i would have given a 6

I’ve been stable on Geodon and Seroquel for over ten years. These drugs have given me a quality of life I never could have had on any typical anti-psychotic. I’ve tried other atypicals, and while they were far better than the typicals, they didn’t deal with my symptoms with as few side effects as Geodon and Seroquel.

You keep talking about these workbooks. What ones do you use, and where do you get them? I would really like to try one out.

Here’s a rundown of seven that seem to be applicable for the people posting on this forum, given what they say they’re up against. There are, however, many others besides these. All the links here go to amazon.com’s USA website. One can look for these books on the amazon.com UK website, as well. Purchasing “used like new” or “used very good” – as opposed to “new” has proven fine for me.

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