How often do you bathe or shower? Be honest

Lately, for the last three months, it’s been about every 5 to 7 days and sometimes longer. I’m just too lazy and lethargic to get to it.


Every day to 2 days, i find it relaxing…

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every day and i force my self in to the shower. its hard to do but i do it.


Once a day at least. Sometimes in summer it may be twice. I do shower once a day!


Once a day to no longer than 3 days apart

I shower every 2nd day which includes grooming since I have to go out in public.

I shower every day.


I’m feeling shamed, sort of.

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I used to take a shower every day.
But now every 5 days

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Mate. Routine is key for schizophrenia. Set an alarm clock. Get up everyday and tick off the list. I shower every day in the evening before bed but my life is routine. Take meds same time everyday give or take. Sleep same time everyday give or take.

It really can help and exercise is good for motivation. It really is. Put some effort in and it all becomes second nature!


I shower most days. Sometimes I skip a shower if I am running late. Probably happens once a week, but because I shower most days I think I get away with it.

I am not very good at looking after my teeth though

When I was really sick I could only shower every other day so I made it my one goal to shower daily. Now it’s a habit again to shower daily.


I have trouble sometimes i always shower before i leave the house but when i have nothing on i will let it go sometimes for a week.

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I mainly just wash my privates nowadays. My hair starts to wash itself after a while and plus my hair has lost a bit of its volume so another reason not to wash it weekly.

I normally shower when I wake up, so I don’t usually miss days. I have never really had the hygiene negative symptoms thing, I have always been pretty good with keeping up on it.

For me it’s complicated cause non of things in my bathtub is right.It’s a bit rusty and faucet is not working properly.It’s sad when I have to wash.Only yesterday I was looking how I can repair it but money comes in a way.I have a curtain that always sticks to my back,and I shower every three days.Then I have to collect all the water that’s left because of rusting.

I lost my mind for a while and didn’t shower or shave for months and stayed awake for 3 to 4 days at a time reading news and doing research, I’m back now and shower everyday.

Every three days just about

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about 3 times a week.
During the workweek I try to do it every other day.

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Not every day because I skip the occasional day , but over an extended period it amounts to 6 point something/7.

It’s much better than at my last address where I’d strip wash every 5 days or so, and have a bath very infrequently.

I think knowing my stepdaughter would be on my case if I didn’t is a great galvaniser.