I'm stinky

Idk exactly how long it’s been, must be days now, I’m stinky, and have no motivation nor energy to shower.

Yes - this is a common issue:

Definitely an issue for me. I did better when my wife was alive and well. Apart from not liking my bath - too narrow and too shallow- the process of running the bath,getting in, washing,drying also seems like too much of an effort. Then there is putting on new clothes after a wash and my paranoia about the washing machine breaking down because I have done too much washing and the whole motivational thing of sorting out clothes to wear.

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Stinking is normally enough motivation for me to take a quick shower. Good luck kellie

you’ll feel much better if you shower. think how refreshing it is to feel clean.

don’t let yourself be down, energize, empower yourself.


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Back when I was drinking every day (several years ago) I had a problem taking showers. I was always sweating out alcohol, and I looked greasy. Now it feels good to put on clean clothes after a shower. Sometimes I’ll skip a day on the weekend, but during the week I always take a shower.

I got super stinky when I didn’t go to school, but now I take a shower like 2 times a week. I still am a dirty person though.

if i dn’t shower i’ll wash my hair and bits and clean myself with baby wipes. so long as i’m clean it’s ok. i love my shower but don’t get in it as often as i should. it’s about every three days with a hair wash and wipes in between showers so i’m always clean, just not as clean as i’d like to be. i have to force myself. i endeavor to do it more often :slight_smile: less wipes more scrubbing!

Good luck, Kellie! Sometimes I go a week without showering. I used to shower twice a week, but my schedule makes it difficult sometimes. Plus, I blow off opportunities. Monday and Tuesday I was sweating a lot, and I was sweating in my sleep too, since I forgot to turn my heat down. I blew off all schoolwork, and I still didn’t take a shower! Also, apparently I have no qualms about showing up to school in very dirty clothes. I wish I would clean up my act. Once I get to school or work, I’m embarrassed about my clothes and possibly being stinky. I spray cologne on myself to try to mask the smell. Now, I’m having insomnia this week, waking up in the wee hours, unable to get back to sleep, which makes me not want to take a shower even more.

Forced myself into jumping into the shower this morning, glad I finally did, its been a few days now