Poll: How is the state of your teeth?

My teeth are ■■■■■■. Combination of poor dental hygiene/dentist phobia/and maybe years of antipsychotics.


I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and then schizoaffective for 30 years. Certainly the state of my teeth worsens my self esteem and social anxiety.
I don’t have the confidence to go to the dentist on my own and the last time I went I ended up with an excruciating case of dry socket.

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My teeth are ■■■■■■ up, too :smiley: Years of dentist phobias stopped me from going until the holes got big and I had excruciating toothache. Once the hole was so huge a root canal was futile and I had to be put under anaesthesia so my tooth could be extracted. I have fillings in all my molars. One of my molar teeth is very temperature-sensitive, so if I eat cold foods and use it, it sends a shockwave through my head. One of my front teeth are chipped. No, my teeth are in a real bad state!

My teeth are VERY healthy (I need an orthodontist) but the teeth themselves are great. I however, believe that healthy teeth is diet related. I have a hard time caring for myself so… I rarely brush. http://www.curetoothdecay.com/

This is what I follow for dental health. My husband makes me take cod liver oil etc.

My teeth are jacked due to years of anticonvulsants. Yes the epilepsy is a new diagnosis, but I’d taken Tegretol for years prior.

I have some chips and tobacco stains. But when I can kick smoking, I will go have my teeth looked at.

They will have to knock me out. My sis will be allowed to be in the corner of the room to watch over me…

My family has been going to this one dentist for years and he’s a very kind person and is willing to deal with all my out of the ordinary request.

I’ve had a grinding habit since my teens so they are pretty worn down and the dentine is exposed by this point. This summer I needed a root canal but that went over painlessly to my astonishment. They are also rather yellow but I’m not self conscious about it as I’ve never been particularly judgmental about how others teeth look.

It’s funny though because my dentist is the sister of a very famous actor. You’d never know this if the walls of her office weren’t covered with his movie posters.

This is interesting- one of my schizophrenic friends has messed up teeth. He blames the metric ass load of medications he in on. I believe him. My teeth are fine except for two canines or whatever the long sharp teeth are called- two of them are worn down from grinding, pretty badly actually. But I have no cavities or anything like that, probably because I brush my teeth really OCD every night in the shower and dont eat junk food, soda, candy, I eat a very high protein diet and have been since I was 16. I cant sleep unless my teeth are squeaky clean. I floss before I brush too. Flossing is a big deal.

My mom taught me to brush my gums, roof of my mouth and tongue when I was little. She told me that one of her friends had gum surgery or something to make me listen to her. lol.

I am going to the dentist in about a month. I haven’t been in 17 years because of fear of torture from the dentist. long story dealing with delusion. It’s the same reason I don’t go to church in fear of the dark side “coming back”. Anyways, without going into gruesome detail I have two cavities I know that need looking to. Other than that I just need a good cleaning. There was about a two year period during the time I was suicidal that I didn’t take care of my teeth and even though I floss and brush avidly now the damage was done.

My teeth are bad, but I did manage to go to the dentist years back and got most of my teeth ‘capped’
I too blame it on years of anticonvulsant use and lithium - I am going to ask my doctor about not taking an anticonvulsant any more - do away with lamictal, hopefully Abilify will be a good enough mood stabilizer on its own - when i was on it last time I was not really depressed so much

Really bad, I haven’t been able to brush since I was 15 years old, I am 18 in 6 days.
I quit trusting dentists and was constantly under the impression someone had poisoned my toothbrush to get rid of me. I no longer have a toothbrush because my parents have given up on me brushing my teeth and even I did I can’t brush due to the fact I have the really sensitive part showing.

My teeth aren’t horrible, but they’re in bad condition. I’ve had to have a few extracted. It’s all because of my poor oral hygiene. Years of apathy about every aspect of my life helped put them in this condition.

The real problem for me is that I grind my teeth terribly when I sleep. I’ll lose most of them simply due to them being ground down too far.

Thats how I broke off one of my teeth and uncovered its pulp, I had grinded it to the point it cracked, then one night my tongue (which doesn’t like to stop moving) decided to mess with it until it finally broke.

My late wife used to say I did that.

My teeth are OK. I’ve had a lot of fillings done over the course of my life. Four of them since I’ve been diagnosed, but I brush my teeth most every day. If I’m leaving the house I usually brush them…other than that not so much. They aren’t as nice as I’d like them to be. I’m afraid of the dentist, I get such bad anxiety. That never used to be until I had one lady dentist drill into my tooth well after the novacaine wore off, despite my protests.

Huh? Obama went and made a new state called “YourTeeth?” :smiley:

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My son`s teeth are terrible.
I am just trying to figure out how to get him
to the dentist. I am afraid he will end up losing all of his teeth.

Before I was put on meds I used to be really anal about my dental hygiene, would bring toothpaste to my classes etc. Resulting from this is a crisp white smile and all my teeth are still in place. This and my hair is all I have left going for me as I’m in awful shape otherwise. I stopped caring after my arrest and subsequent beginning on treatment for SZ.

I go to the dentist regularly but almost every exam they find something wrong. I grind my teeth at night too. I haven’t had a root canal in about 6 or 7 years. I’ve had a number of cavities that needed to be filled.

They counted like 18 in my mouth, I know what you mean.

Tooth ghosts –