I hate that my teeth are not good

Basically my teeth problems started already when I was a child. I ate candies and never brushed my teeth which then caused many dentist visits and numerous fillings in my teeth. In the adult age I have taken care of my teeth regularly and I brush these twice a day. However, now in my middle-age these fillings are falling off and some teeth have already been removed. I visited the dentist this week and we concluded another tooth must be removed in this summer. Basically, one filling had become loose and this had caused some root problems. And of course it is not inexpensive to do all these dental operations. Today’s children are lucky that they take care of their teeth much better. I just hate to have bad teeth!

My sons teeth are awful. From substance abuse and neglect when he got sick. im trying to convince him to go to a dentist, but he doesn`t seem to care. He is on medicare-medicaid, and the only thing they will do is extractions and, I think, fillings. I think he would feel great if his teeth were fixed.

Parents paid alot of money for braces when i was young, what a waste of time and money, it was also painful as hell to get them.

My teeth have always felt out of place because of them.

Braces were hell and just a waste of my time, i would have preferred screwed up teeth at this point, but they said “you are getting braces! Now! and you are going to be thankful for them! Now!”

I don’t need teeth, i need a time machine so i can go back in time and chop of my dad’s balls before he unloads me and i take that fateful swim up the death canal.

Looking back at the two times I had to go to the dentists in 2003 and 2006 because of an infected tooth (before that, the last time I had been to the dentist was 1978) I realized that both those times I had been pretty psychotic and even had to be hospitalized.
Both times, after getting my tooth fixed (root canal and crown) my psychosis lifted and I improved dramatically. Mind you the dentist had mentioned I had a very high tolerance to pain, because it had actually moved jawbone.

Made me wonder enough to ask him if an infection in a tooth could cause psychosis. He had just got back from a seminar in France where he said they now just realized that since the teeth are systemic (the blood isn’t localized, but travels throughout the entire body) bad teeth can cause heart problems, and said it’s possible that infection can travel to the brain as well. He thought it might be worth him asking some questions at the next seminar on the subject, but since I haven’t been back and he sold the business, I will never know.

All I know from comparing my journal notes is almost immediately I saw improvement from hearing voices, hallucinations and very paranoid thinking.

I have pretty bad teeth too. I’ve had one removed. I have many many fillings, one crown, and one inlay. This has come about from my bad teeth cleaning habits, as well as a period of not seeing the dentist for a number of years. Also, my medicine reduces the saliva flow in my mouth, so that produces more cavities.