Poll: How does your paranoia make you feel?

I am not sure about paranoia with paranoid sz but with paranoid pd the description is invariably of someone who gets hostile and aggressive . This assumption irritates me as my paranoia tends to make me fearful and withdrawn and I don’t go around attacking people.

  • fearful
  • aggressive and hostile
  • other,please explain

I get scared. Scared of everything and not being able to know if it is paranoia or real.

Secretive, suspicious, withdrawn, and vengeful. My paranoia definitely brings hostility but not overtly so.

When it passes, looking back on my paranoia makes me feel drained and dirty.

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I put fearful. When I was paranoid I thought I was in a schizophrenic hell trapped with the devil. Long story. Fearful to say the least, more like terrified. (for seven months)

People with mood disorders/bipolar can get paranoia also. My paranoia is worse when either depressed or mixed - not so often when I am purely manic. Anxiety is somehow connected to my paranoia - I can be anxious and it can lead to paranoia. Fear and anxiety is what I experience the most - anger and hostility can occur when my paranoia is completely out of hand and severe - again anxiety is almost always present with it

@Wave You make a good point about anxiety. For me anxiety can lead to suspicion . It can be a short leap from the social anxiety of 'I’m going to make a fool of myself ’ to the paranoia of ‘they’re going to take advantage of it and hurt me’

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i don’t really get paranoid about much to be honest. i trust the people around me. i know my family loves me, i know my friends like me and i know that most people are nice, especially other doggy people…well…mostly. so i don’t really get paranoid about them at all. xxx

think about it firemonkey when an animal is scared its more likely to bite?
my fear can make me feel I have to defend myself from invisible forces sometimes.
I am not violent tho. maybe violence in the mind at times.


confused more of why it is happening, i also feel fearful

…berserk is the appropriate term

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I remember you writing about wanting to be a Viking on the forum before, now you mention being berserk.


A big Viking style beard.

As a bearded man myself, I try to promote a hairy chin when I can, I’ve gotten three close friends to all sport them now.

Do it.



Word History: When we say that we are going berserk, we may not realize how extreme a state this might be. Our adjective comes from the noun berserker, or berserk, which is from the Old Norse word berserkr, “a wild warrior or champion.” Such warriors wore hides of bears, which explains the probable origin of berserkr as a compound of *bera, “bear,” and serkr, “shirt, coat.” These berserkers became frenzied in battle, howling like animals, foaming at the mouth, and biting the edges of their iron shields. Berserker is first recorded in English in the early 19th century, long after these wild warriors ceased to exist.

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Paranoia makes me paranoid.
It makes me question peoples actions and I tend to get a bit fearful. Aggression can come out of it if I feel the least bit threatened.

Paranoia causes me to act weird. I get concerned about people tampering with my shampoo and food.

I get mad when I feel like it is too much, so my answer should be all of the above

My paranoia stems into fear. Or fear will induce my paranoia. Either way both are hand and in hand with each other.

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I would say for the most part very fearful. When I’m in an episode I am just so scared, all the time. I literally have jumped at my own shadow because I confuse it for someone running after me. I can’t walk by myself without thinking of all these awful scenarios, like someone is hiding waiting to jump out and attack me. Whenever I walk by cars I’m afraid that someone is going to pull me into them and drive off. It’s awful. I mean when I lived in the city this summer, oh man it was about 100x worse. I just can’t handle cities at all. And those were just the non-bizarre, non-delusion specific fears. Not counting all my delusions about being kidnapped by demons/the devil/ etc. I had one delusion where the clouds were controlled by the devil and if I went outside alone I actually believed the clouds would descend, trap me and and carry me to Hell. When I was very little, I was afraid of falling into the sky. I was also afraid that airplanes would abduct me, so I always hid from them. I would be overwhelmed with sudden feelings that I would be killed or something awful would be happened if I didn’t do something right away, like hide under my covers for a certain amount of time. I’ve always been so afraid. I just want it to stop.

And then night time, UGH. When I’m in an episode, night is the worst. Ugly faces, everywhere. I see them in everything, in posters, in the wall, etc. Grotesque, awful faces. Everything in my room becomes threatening. Out of the corner of my eye a coat looks like a man standing there. A piggy bank can look like a severed head. My dress looks like a woman hanging. A girl with dark hands running all over her. My perception gets totally messed up. When I close my eyes in the afterimage I see demons and monsters and horrible things, sometimes right in front of my face and it’s shocking and disturbing. I get freaked out that my reflection is going to climb out of my mirror and kill me if I don’t watch it. Ugh ok I have to stop talking about it now because I’m getting paranoid talking about it at night.

Anyways so yeah, I’m generally just really, really scared quite often. And it sucks. Really I’m fine with my psychosis aside from the anxiety and the fear. I really, really want to end the anxiety and fear.

I chose other, because I become fearful and hostile.

Paranoia is very energy consuming and feels like ■■■■.

I am growing my beard back out lol