Poll: Do you vote for politicians during elections?

  • Yes

  • No

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I vote for Trump, he’s not a politician.

I always use to vote in Presidential and senate and other national elections. I have voted by mail for about the last ten years. When any election time comes around they mail me a ballot and I fill it out in my home at leisure and them mail it in. It beats standing in lines or searching for polling places. But I have moved a few times this past year and I haven’t updated my address with the agency that’s in charge of voting so I didn’t vote this past year.

i try and weigh up what they want to do but it never seems to turn out that great,

they make lots of empty promises just to win an election and they dont really pan out i dont think,

cant believe they want to put the pension age up again :frowning: i think its all to save money

i look at the person as well, i liken Trump to our Boris Johnson who is mayor of london and a bit of a fool.

Kind of hard to vote for politicians between elections. Just sayin’.


South park summed it up best. Its like picking between a douche and a turd sandwich. I guess really its like picking your favorite sociopath and judging them based on how much money mickey mouse and china gave them and who sells the lies the best.

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