Are you politically oriented

Recently when I rode my bike in the market place of my little town I met two persons whom I have known in the past and they were doing some political activity for some politician and when they mentioned the name of this person, I had no idea what they were talking about. This is even I have been here over 12 years. I do not belong to any political parties. However, in the same market place I met a young woman who stared at me with her bright blue eyes and wanted to chat with me, and then she was then elected to the Parliament of the European Union. Stuff happens. Her opponent did not even want to have a beer with me, although I would have given him one beer. I suppose he thought he was so superior, but then he lost in the crash landing.

Are you now in Finland?

I am neutral, but I respect police officers and governor. I was taught not to protest against the government. As there is benefit for government to rule over its people and create a harmony (though not perfect) society.

I never make a single vote in elections.

I have voted only once in any political elections in my whole life and my candidate became the President, I do not like politics and I do not follow any political matters as I have never done. I suppose it would be too much stress for my paranoid sz mind. Democratic states vary depending on a nation.

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I vote. It is important to vote to keep nazies out of the parlament. Nazies stole the election papers you are supposed to vote with and replaced them with their own in several places.

I am politically oriented. I used to be a lot more. I started canvassing with my brother and his friends. We would drive people to the polls. I helped get our last governor elected, and she helped bring tax breaks for the film industry. So whenever I hear of some studio or movie being filmed, I know I had some part in bringing them here.

Benedict Cumberbatch even filmed near where I live.

Your vote and participation in elections count, even if you can only say, “I tried.”

Our current governor is horrid.

I never used to be. But I’m becoming more now. I’ve been voting this past year in some of the city elections.

If I don’t like the way things are done in the city… I don’t have much right to whine if I don’t even vote.

I’m fairly politically orientated as in signing petitions, donating to campaigning organisations and posting political stuff on facebook/forums , but my social anxiety prevents me from publicly campaigning or going to conferences and local meetings.

I am a little bit on the conservative side of the spectrum and tend to vote in every governmental election. But I am not in any organized party, since I don’t like the hustle it involves. I am rather philosophical goncerning politics.

No…not anymore at least…though I first voted at age 18 and have voted in every election since…I just can’t stand most politicians…they don’t tend to be people I relate to…not modern politicians anyway…most even make me feel as though someone has scraped their fingernails down a chalkboard.

Yes it can matter…and yes it’s possible to make a difference…I’m just so sick of politicians that I’m not sure I wish to give any more my vote.

I used to be a political science major in college for a short while - but the truth is I hate politics these days.
Lies, corruption, power, control, bribes Ugh! I am disgusted

Not at all. I have to remove myself from most discussions about politics because it stirs too many things in me that I work daily to set aside. I’m very prone to what you could generally call “conspiracy theories” and it’s unhealthy for me to engage with them and I can’t refrain from doing that in discussions of politics.

The only reason I have voted in almost every state and federal election for the last 8 years is because here in California (I don’t know if other states have this) we have what is called absentee voting. I vote in every election by mail. When an election comes up they mail me a ballot and an explanation of every bill or issue and I just fill out the ballot in the comfort of my own home and then mail it back in their self-addressed envelope. No driving to the polls with crowds and lines.

I have a postal vote. If I’d not been ill I would have liked to have been a socialist MP.

i have never voted…i am an illegal alien ( sith ).
take care

I suppose I learned also not to vote when I was a legal alien over ten years in the cradle of democracy, aliens especially from the space, can not vote :smiley:

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i’m not that politically minded so long as the economy keeps going and the sick r taken care of and so long as there is no fascist element in government then i’m pretty unfettered by who is in charge as they are all much of a muchness tbh.