Was I stupid

It was the year 1992 and the US presidential election. Some people asked which candidate I liked. I did not reply at all. Then these people thought I was stupid. I was just an immigrant in the USA and I did not care who becomes the President. I still do not care who wins the presidential election.

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I heard it is quite common not to vote in the US. Maybe it is because you effectively only have 2 parties to choose from? In my country there are effectively 10 parties right now. The pro of only having 2 parties is that they actually can accomplish their politics. Over here a common scenario is that at least 3 parties have to cooperate and the politics are all based on compromises.


I don’t follow politics like I used to. Just find it a horrible and depressing thing to see what people can do and what gets them fired up. To me its just a game the one percent plays to keep the masses interested while the real evil is performed in the back rooms and basements of power. Just a dog and pony show where the candidates are the same minions of the ruling class performing for entertainment.

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